New Data Reveals Countries with the Most Eco-Friendly Buildings in the World


One way of enabling people to live cleaner, greener lives is by making sure the buildings in which people live and work are more eco-friendly so that the very environments in which we survive and thrive are helping us towards a more sustainable future. 

With this in mind, and using data from BREEAM, Distrelec found out which towns and cities are taking the time to invest in eco-friendly infrastructure and the countries that are taking the environmental impacts of their buildings most seriously.

Countries with the Most Eco-Friendly Buildings

With so many English places ranking so highly among towns and cities in the full study, you’d think the UK would easily top the list of countries with the most eco-friendly buildings under BREEAMS ratings, but whilst it scores impressively overall, with 91.53% of those buildings falling into the top band, it only sneaks into the top four as the Czech Republic managed to strike back to claim top spot with 93.15% of its rated buildings coming into that superior classification. 

Perhaps more shockingly, when taking a national overview, 0.40% of the UK’s buildings that undertook the BREEAM assessment came out as unclassified.

Towns & Cities with the Most Eco-Friendly Buildings

Of the many global cities and towns that data was gathered from, Coventry in Central England came out on top with a whopping 98.31% of the buildings certified by BREEAM falling into the Outstanding/Excellent/Very Good category with a further 1.69% coming in as Good. 

A former industrial powerhouse, Coventry was heavily damaged during the Second World War and has seen major investment and restructuring in the post-war years, becoming a noted University city, which may go some way to explain how it scores quite so highly.

Polish city Krakow is not far off with an impressive 97.65% of its buildings rated by BREEAM coming into that top category and another 1.18% rated as Good. Interestingly, of the remaining top 10, eight are English towns and cities with Czech capital Prague rounding out the list with an impressive 96.27% of its ranked buildings falling into that top band. Hope you enjoyed the story! If you do decide to write,

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