Storage Container Experts Call for Industry Fuel Change Preparedness

Storage Container Experts Call for Industry Fuel Change Preparedness

One of the leading worldwide providers of portable accommodation and the secure storage container, Mobile Mini, is asking clients, customers, and industry peers to ensure they are fully prepared to transition fuel requirements ahead of red diesel taxation changes set for next month.

Red diesel refers to a normal diesel that has been dyed to show it is for use on untaxed off-road vehicles or equipment. Historically this distinction would see the fuel achieve a low duty rate, but from 1st April 2022, red diesel will no longer be made available at a rebated rate for most commercial applications. These reforms were announced by the Government two years ago as part of the ongoing task to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Losing tax-free status and business entitlement means viable alternatives to red diesel must be found. These changes will typically affect any business that hires generators, lighting, static & mobile welfare facilities, fuel management services or any other diesel-powered equipment.

As with any major industry change, accepting and adapting as soon as possible is usually in the best interest of all involved, which is why the storage container company has acted fast to source new approaches. The company recently sent out correspondence to all customers and partners outlining their approach and advising others to act quickly to ensure a seamless transition with no negative impact endured.

Bernard McGovern, Mobile Mini UK Managed Services, said, “To put it simply, it will no longer be legal to use red diesel to fuel most products required on construction projects. This is not a matter of choice and is something we must all adhere to. At face value, existing alternative fuels are costlier, so it will become more essential than ever to work with partners that have a well thought out efficiency strategy and can help ensure customer savings are made elsewhere.

“A fundamental way we have maintained our long-standing reputation is by providing bespoke solutions to individual customers and never taking a one-size-fits-all approach, including the correct solution regarding fuel. Mobile Mini will advise all customers on what the best solution appears to be for their needs and will factor in current industry standards to this advice. Ensuring no costly modifications are required for equipment to change over will help make transitions both quick and efficient.”

One of the alternative fuels the storage container expert is suggesting to suitable customers is HVO (Hydrated Vegetable Oil) fuel, which is a fossil-free fuel consisting of 100% renewable, biodegradable and sustainable properties. For others, dual power options supplied through the inclusion of a battery pack will be the most appropriate alternative and the business is already working with innovative suppliers that offer the next generation of hybrid solutions.

Mobile Mini UK, headquartered in Stockton-on-Tees, has a fleet of over 40,000 portable units for a variety of storage solutions and 16 strategically placed sites throughout England, Scotland and Wales. The company has had an enviable record of zero reportable accidents for over two years and earlier this year furthered its reputation for excellence after being named the GOLD winner of the Customer Experience category at the 2022 UK Business and Innovation Awards.

7% of employees at Mobile Mini are qualified Mental Health First Aiders and the business was proud to support the NHS with units throughout COVID-19, as well as rolling out life-saving defibrillator equipment to all branches and investing in new safety features on an upgraded fleet of crane-mounted trucks.


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