The World’s Most Lavish Gaming Establishments


If you love your gaming and want that authentic experience, there’s only one place to go: the casino. However, while your run of the mill land-based venues will be fine for some, for others, it’s the lavish gaming venues they want to visit. And thankfully, the world has a number of them.

Bellagio, Las Vegas

We’re going to kick off our list of the most lavish casinos to be found on planet earth by mentioning an establishment that features in Las Vegas, which is very much the home of gambling. And one thing is for sure, the Bellagio, which is the creation of Steve Wynn, is now one of the most popular gaming venues around. It has everything, from superb poker rooms to video slots. And some of the top casino tournaments, such as the World Poker Tour, have taken place there over the years. The Bellagio is also famous for its luxurious hotel rooms and suites, which means guests can play and stay, creating an excellent all-round experience.

Wynn, Macau

The next stop on our adventure is Wynn Macau Casino. Macau is known as being the Las Vegas of Asia, and for good reason. We mention the word lavish in the title, and if you want luxurious, then look no further than this establishment. It’s loved by the rich and famous, which tells you everything you need to know, and it goes beyond being a top choice in its own continent by being a hit on the global scene. What Wynn Macau does well, similarly to Vegas venues, is that it provides all the gaming alongside over 1,000 luxurious rooms for guests to stay in.

The Venetian, Macau

Usually, these lists will feature Las Vegas venues in the main, but we’re staying in Macau with our next pick. What you will find with the Venetian Macau is that it is a sure bet to feature on most top-five and top ten lists of casinos. Of course, there is a Venetian in Vegas, which is just as good as any, but the Macau offering has more appeal and is currently the biggest casino around. But, alongside the size, everything about the place is big, such as the exteriors and décor, making it a lavish offering of the highest order.

Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco

How can we list the most lavish casinos on the planet and not include one from Monaco? The place itself is a hotspot for the rich and famous, with celebrities and the like frequenting the town regularly. So, any casino will have to live up to incredibly high standards if it’s going to attract serious clientele. The Monte Carlo Casino more than lives up to the demands of the location by looking visually impressive outside and inside. And, because high-rollers will be venturing inside, the venue has all the gaming machines, tables and rooms to cater to their demands.


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