BRITS BACK HYDROGEN: Majority of UK want a low carbon alternative to natural gas


Over three quarters (77.7%) of Brits would support the UK generating and distributing alternative, low-carbon gas through the existing grid to replace the imports of natural gas from countries such as Qatar and Russia, a survey has found.

The research of 2000 UK consumers, conducted on behalf of trade association the Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA), has also found almost three quarters (73.8%) of people would support development low carbon gas boilers that could be easily swapped with existing boilers to help deliver the UK’s climate change targets. Almost two thirds (64.3%) of respondents also said they would choose a low carbon boiler if replacing their heating system.

Amid increasing cost-of-living concerns, 82% of respondents also believed the government should prioritise affordability in the development of renewable technologies for heating homes in the UK.

However only 6.2% of those asked would be willing to pay £8500 for a new heating system, the average additional expense of retrofitting a heat pump. Almost two-thirds would be unwilling or unable to pay this much for a new heating system, leaving hydrogen heating as the only way to decarbonise their homes. Mike Foster, CEO of the EUA explains:

“It is clear that Brits back action on climate change however, with the cost-of-living crisis causing concern for pretty much everyone, the Government have got to commit to a more affordable route. The vast majority of UK residents cannot afford the price tag for a heat pump, nor do they want to switch away from some kind of low carbon gas.

“The gas grid is gearing up for hydrogen, and boiler manufacturers have already made promises around price for consumers. Now it is up to the Government to pull their finger out and prioritise UK people and their finances by progressing hydrogen as part of the UK’s energy mix.”

With Energy Minister Kwasi Kwarteng alluding to hydrogen playing a role in the Government’s upcoming Energy Strategy, the UK public have made it clear an alternative to natural gas is their choice. 71% of respondents believed the Government should make a clear statement that, in future all gas, supplied to UK homes through the gas grid is low or zero carbon.

Mr Foster adds: “Mr Kwarteng and the Prime Minister have a decision to make with this Energy Crisis. Either they continue with an electrification of heat, imposing large bills on the public and pushing more people into fuel poverty. Or they can start prioritising the financial wellbeing of the British public and listen to their demands when they say they want an alternative to natural gas, which can be found in hydrogen.”

“We have to make progress to Net Zero but this cannot be at the cost of the British people. We have all seen energy bills rise, hurting people in their pockets. The Government must get this call right or risk making a huge political blunder which will see them out of office at the next election.”

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