7 Helpful Ways You Can Use Your Vacant Land 


You might not know what to do with your spare acres since you already have a home. Fortunately, the list of ways to use your vacant land is extensive. Here are a few ideas.

Rewilding or Wildlife Preservation

There are loads of species dying all around us. Human habitation forces wildlife out of the equation. It has a massive impact on animals and bugs that play a significant role in the ecosystem. Rather than sell land for profit, why not make use of it by allowing nature to flourish? Rewilding is a trendy subject these days. All it means is that you simply do nothing to your land. Doing nothing encourages the plant life to grow as it would naturally. It makes habitation for surrounding wildlife and insects to rebalance a dwindling animal population.

Use Your Vacant Land for Farming and Community Gardens

The cost of living is rising again. Gas and electricity prices alone have recently increased by 60%, adding a lot of pressure on families to provide the basics. In the UK alone, one of the world’s wealthiest countries, people are having to choose between heating or eating. So even in the 21st century, people are going hungry. Therefore, a practical and charitable use of your land is to build community gardens or free to use farmland. If you have knowledge of gardening for food, perhaps you could encourage people to contribute and teach others how to grow.

Raising Livestock

Further to using your land for farming, raising livestock is not a bad idea. Of course, no one suggests you bring the cows home. But perhaps, like a community garden, you could show people the ins and outs of caring for smaller livestock such as chickens, rabbits or pigs. These animals are readily available from stockists, and even some lifestyle DIY stores sell chickens and coops. At the least, some of the less fortunate people in your area have access to fresh and organic eggs and food. But you can also teach a child essential skills they will carry for life.

Renewable Energy Resources

The time has come to begin building renewable energy power plants before it’s too late. You can contribute to helping the environment, and the planet, by offering access to renewables like:

  • Solar panels
  • Wind turbines
  • Geothermal energy
  • Hydroelectric energy
  • Biofuel storage

Of course, any of these depends on the type of land you have. For instance, hydroelectricity requires running water and wind turbines work better in elevated areas.

Easement Right of Way

If you don’t know what easement is, it just means accessing one piece of land by going through another. As you can imagine, easements aren’t very popular since people don’t want strangers making their way through their land. However, areas of outstanding natural beauty often have easement issues because the land around them might be private. Because of this, tourists, ramblers and sightseers often have to go out of their way to access somewhere. But if your land sits between public access and a popular area, you could consider allowing people through.

Use Your Vacant Land as a Caravan Park 

Caravans are a popular holiday accommodation all over the world. But given they are large and bulky, they require a lot of land. So now would be a great time to offer it up for caravans and RVs if you have the land. Summer is approaching, which means it’s prime caravan season. But another reason is COPD-19. Because of travel restrictions and unpredictable international tourism, the number of people taking a staycation is the highest it’s ever been. So you could profit from your land with a caravan park, as tourists look for somewhere reasonable to stay.

Build a Dog Park

Almost every country on earth loves dogs and cats. And the dog accessory industry is booming right now. While competing with an established pet retailer would be tough, you could take advantage of our love of dogs with a unique park. There probably isn’t a dog park within walking distance of your home if you think about it. So there is a gap in a very lucrative market if you have the land. And it doesn’t take much either. Of course, you will need to provide poop disposal facilities and clean them regularly. And some climbing frames would be nice too.


You can make your land work for you. For example, you could consider charitable uses like community gardens. Or encourage wildlife. And a caravan park could make money.


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