Best Way To Kill Cockroaches In Multi-Family Home Units


Cockroaches are a problem for many households. They can make your home dirty, infested, and unhygienic. Cockroaches are known to cause allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems. These insects are also carriers of bacteria and germs, which may cause infections in humans.

If you live in a multi-family home, you may be wondering how to get rid of cockroaches. The sooner you do it, the better chance you’ll have to control and kill the cockroaches. You’ll also avoid spending a lot of money. So, this article will discuss some of the best ways to kill cockroaches in your multi-family home units:

  1. Hiring Professional Extermination Services

When you have a cockroach problem beyond just an occasional sighting, hiring professional extermination services will be your best option. A pest control company can provide you with an assessment of your home or apartment unit and determine which products will work best for your situation. They will also provide ongoing maintenance if necessary to keep your infestation under control. But first, you should check this recommended site to get a reliable exterminator who will help deal with the cockroach problem efficiently.

Professional extermination has many benefits over do-it-yourself methods:

  • Exterminators use more effective products than you would find at the hardware store.  
  • Exterminators can treat an entire building, so they’ll be able to find hidden nests and kill existing bugs and eggs and larvae before they hatch.  

The professionals also know the different species of cockroaches and what method works best on them and use them to control the pests.   

  1. Using Cockroach Baits

Cockroach baits work by attracting the roaches with an irresistible food source, such as protein-based foods like meat or cheese. Once they climb inside the bait trap, they cannot escape and eventually die from dehydration or starvation. The cockroaches’ bodies decompose inside the bait trap and do not smell because they contain a slow-acting poison that kills them slowly, so they do not attract other pests such as rats and mice in your home.

Another bait that you can use is boric acid. It is a powder made from borax and sugar. It can be sprinkled around your home’s baseboards and any cracks or crevices where cockroaches may hide. The roaches will take the bait back to their nests and pass it along to other colony members. It will kill off many of the cockroaches in your home and prevent them from returning.

  1. Cockroach Sprays

If you prefer an instant kill instead of a slow death for cockroaches, spray roach killers may be your best bet. These sprays can be in a liquid or aerosol form and work by killing the insects on contact. However, this type of treatment is usually only effective against large groups of roaches rather than individual pests hiding in cracks or crevices around your home.

However, they’re only effective if used correctly. Make sure you read the directions carefully before using any spray indoors — especially if there are children or pets in the house. Some can put people at risk for breathing problems or skin irritation if improperly used or the house lacks proper ventilation.   

  1. Use Sticky Traps

Another way that homeowners can prevent a cockroach infestation is by using sticky traps. These traps will catch any cockroaches that wander into them and kill them when they get stuck in them for too long. It is an effective method because it traps all roaches, even those hiding under furniture or inside walls.

You can place the sticky traps in areas where cockroaches are usually found, including under sinks, behind your refrigerators, stoves, and around pipes. You can also combine them with gel baits and boric acid so that once the cockroaches are attracted to it, they can get trapped, and you can kill any that miss the bait.   

  1. Keep Your Home Clean

You need to keep your house clean because cockroaches love dirty environments. If there’s food lying around, it’ll start multiplying quickly and become a problem for you and your family members. Ensure that trash cans are emptied daily, the floors are swept regularly, and all food items are stored in airtight containers so that no roaches can smell them from afar.  

Keeping your home clean makes it undesirable for cockroaches as they thrive in dirty places. The few cockroaches in the house will starve and die of hunger or move away to find other habitats.   


Cockroaches can multiply into hundreds in a short time if left to thrive. The longer you let them, the harder it becomes for you to control them. Therefore, you should start killing them at first sight of a cockroach by using the methods discussed in this article. You can try killing them yourself using boric acid and traps or call professionals for more detailed exterminations.


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