How to Estimate the Storage Unit Size You Need


If you need a storage unit, you will have to determine how much space you need. You will rarely have the chance to take accurate storage unit measurements. Therefore, you will have to estimate how much storage you will need, which is tricky. 

The storage space will determine the storage you need and the price you pay. Trying out every possible storage will take too much time and is not a viable option.  

When estimating the storage unit size you need, the following are tips that will help you: 

Check Your Inventory

If you are looking for a storage unit, you already know what you want to move into, especially if you are decluttering and organizing your living room or house. It would be best to have an inventory list. It will help you keep track of your belongings as you move them and determine how much storage space you will require. 

You should group all the items in one place as it will help you get a more accurate picture of the volume they occupy and hence the storage space you will need. 

Find Out Storage Unit Sizes

Storage units come in different sizes, so you should know the available sizes if you are storing your possessions in one. Your storage search will begin by evaluating security, rental agreements, and price features. However, after you narrow down your options, you will also have to know the available sizes for San Antonio Texas storage units

Storage unit sizes can range from 5*5 (25 sq ft) to 20*40 (800 sq ft). You should ask storage companies for size guides to help you know the type of storage units they have. Understanding the storage unit sizes will help you determine the size you need as you are limited to the available units. 

Use A Moving Truck

You will probably be moving your stuff to the storage unit using a moving truck, whether moving permanently or for renovations. Therefore, the vehicle is an excellent tool for estimating the size of the storage unit you will need. If you can fit the stuff into the truck, they will probably fit in a storage unit of the same size. 

However, a moving truck only has to transport your goods to be as tightly packed as possible. So, when using the truck to estimate storage unit size, consider adding a size to allow for better organization and ease of movement. 

Visit The Unit

Many people use the internet to hire a storage unit which has its disadvantages though it might be quick and convenient. You will not be able to get an accurate picture and estimation of the storage unit’s size. 

Therefore, the best way to estimate the size of a storage unit is to visit the unit in person. Bring a tape measure with you and get accurate unit measurements. You can get a better fit if you can compare the unit’s actual size against the volume of your possessions. 

Go Big

If you are in doubt about the storage you will require, it is best to go bigger rather than smaller. The last thing you want is to underestimate the storage size and have some of your belongings not fit into the unit. 

A bigger storage unit will be more expensive, but the margin of safety it allows you and the piece of the mind are worth the price. You will also have the opportunity to add stuff to the storage unit if the need ever arises. 

Choosing a storage unit is challenging, and estimating your storage needs is even more complicated. If you want to get an accurate estimation, you should check your inventory, find out available unit sizes, use a moving truck, visit the unit, and go big when in doubt. If you follow these tips, you will get a storage unit that meets your needs.


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