How To Promote Construction Business On Instagram


For business owners, accumulating a backlog of projects is a significant roadblock. Understanding how to effectively use social media to generate leads and opportunities is critical for a construction company’s success. Instagram is yet another marketing tool that can promote your company, regardless of the industry you belong to. You can share content in a variety of ways on the platform.

With the help of Instagram Business, building firms can do just that. Companies can see their accounts’ activity in real-time, including stories, posts, and followers. Business accounts also can create, launch, and track advertisements. Are you thinking about expanding your construction business? Instagram growth might be exactly what your company requires.

  1. Engage With Your Audience

You demonstrate your willingness to go above and beyond by using social media platforms to respond to online inquiries or share exciting news updates. You can connect with your target audience on Instagram by following, liking, and commenting on their photos. Remember that the higher the level of engagement, the more likely you are to develop strong brand ambassadors who’ll continue to use your services while recommending them to others.

Instagram allows you to think visually and creatively about how you want to present your content. Whether it’s to show how your product works in real life, keep your followers up to date on a renovation project, highlight points from an architect interview, or build excitement for an upcoming launch campaign. Tools like Buy Real Media can help you keep up with engagements and connect with your audience.

  1. Use Hashtags Smartly

To attract the right audience and grow your following, use hashtags wisely. While there’s much debate about the relevance of hashtags across social media platforms, they’re essential to include in Instagram posts to maximize exposure and ensure that the right people see your updates. Find trending keyword hashtags that accurately describe or align with your brand or products using hashtag tools.

Product category keywords like ‘timber doors’ or ‘aluminum doors,’ simple brand category keywords like ‘doors’ should all be included. It’s a good idea to go over keyword hashtags every few months to ensure you don’t miss a new one that’s trending in your industry.

  1. Create Videos

Use time-lapse and accelerated videos of construction sites to increase viewership. On construction sites, drone footage is also gaining popularity. Instagram now supports live video in stories in addition to regular posts. You can include a tour of your office or a walk-through of a new project in your presentation. 

You can also include a countdown reminder in your stories, allowing interested viewers to set reminders to watch your live video or reels. You can also share your live video on your social media accounts for those unable to attend. 

  1. Maximize Your Visuals

Construction companies have a lot to offer on Instagram. Instagram is a very visual platform, and its users are enormous fans of transformation and progress photos. Instagram has a lot to offer if your construction company is willing to try something new. If you work in construction daily, you may be unaware of how fascinating your surroundings are.

While mundane to you, scenes like a hammer lying in gravel surrounded by nails or an excavator arm tearing into the ground are pretty spectacular to others. Use Instagram’s built-in filters to improve the visual appeal of your photos. A construction site could be ideal for some truly unique Instagram photos.

  1. Post Regularly

It can be challenging to post as frequently as you should, but regularly posting and creating stories can pay off. Because most users follow hundreds of other users and businesses, your posts will most likely be buried in their newsfeeds within hours.

As a result, you should schedule your Instagram posts at least 3-5 times per week if you want them to be seen. If you don’t have time to handle this task yourself, consider delegating it to a social media savvy employee. It can increase their productivity, often being a problem in construction companies.

  1. Utilize Stories

Instagram stories are a great way to show off what’s new in your company. There are also a variety of Story stickers available for communicating with your audience. Because responses to your Stories are delivered directly to your inbox, it’s a fantastic tool for communicating directly with your audience.

While stories are only visible for 24 hours, you can save them to your highlights to keep them visible indefinitely. Additionally, it provides excellent branding opportunities. Your followers will be able to view previous Stories by clicking on your profile highlights.


In such a visually-oriented industry, photographs and videos serve as a visual representation of your work. Take a photo, do some quick editing, or use one of the many Instagram filters to enhance your image. It doesn’t have to be difficult to market on Instagram. You only need a social media strategy and a set of platform-specific goals. Increase the connection between you and your audience and brand awareness and leads.


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