White Label Software: How to Get It Right?

White Label Software How to Get It Righ

We are used to buying software for our businesses and simply uploading it and getting used to using it. Yet there is something you consider when purchasing software that will be used by clients. We’re talking in this article about the whitelabel app and software package, and why you should be considering white label software.

What is white label software, and why are you missing a trick if you don’t use it? Let’s begin with a brief explanation of white label software and other white label goods. 

What is White Label Software?

White label software is a software package made by a developer yet not branded with their brand name. Let’s use an example of another type of white label product. Go to your local grocery store – choose a well-known range – and find their ‘own label’ canned foods.

These are usually the budget range of essential goods. Now, they are all branded with the store chains name and in their colors.

Yet, these goods are not made especially for the store chain. They are simply branded goods – generally a well-known make – but labelled especially for the store. Another example could be you buying in goods branded with your name as give away gifts. 

Now, with branded software, instead of it saying – let’s choose a famous brand for the example – Apple, it comes to you without branding ready for your brand name to go on there. What are the benefits of white label products and software? We want to talk about software specifically, as while branded store goods are usually for budget reasons, software is for a different reason altogether. 

How Will White Label Software Benefit my Business?

The recent couple of years of turmoil have had some surprising effects on the world of commerce. Many small businesses did not make it through the pandemic, and for many other people the need for change was apparent.

Furthermore, a lot of people discovered that working from home is actually productive and convenient. In the wake of this a lot of small businesses have launched online. 

Let’s imagine that you are a professional therapist. You offer video consultations for your clients. They use a booking system whereby they choose a slot on a calendar that they access with a password.

This software is bought off the shelf and comes with the developer’s brand name all over it. So, every time a client books a slot – or uses software for other reasons – the developer’s brand name is there to see.

But you don’t want that! Not only do you not want to advertise their brand for free, you want your brand to be consistent throughout all visible applications. This applies to accounting software, your video app, and so.

Consistent branding across the board shouts of professionalism and attention to detail, rather than the lazy image of a software company’s brand taking up valuable space. Some of your clients will not notice it but believe us when we say that a good proportion will. Consumers like to see that professional approach as it gives them further reason to trust your brand. 

Using White Label Software

Using white label software means paying for a licence, but the benefit far outweighs what will be a minor outlay. We are not just talking about therapists here but other online professionals, plus hotels and restaurants, even shops and cafes. Anywhere that uses software from another supplier should definitely consider the white label option.

Ultimately, your goal is to make your brand one that people see as trustworthy and professional, so check out white label software now and get your brand across the board. 


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