Why Building Materials Must Be Fire Safe


It may sound obvious, but building materials need to meet certain criteria to be deemed fire safe. Whether you are a construction company focusing on residential properties, office blocks or civic buildings (or working within all these fields) or a doer upper renovating a property, the bottom line is the same. A workable floor plan, appealing aesthetics and keeping within budget are important, but sound structure and safety are of paramount importance. Within this, fire safety should, rightly, be a top priority.

Whatever your business, ensuring the materials you use are fire safe is essential for both your reputation and conscience. Below is a brief reminder of the current legal requirements within the US and how to ensure you are compliant.


The safety of building materials was international news following the tragic fire at London’s Grenfell Tower apartment block in June 2017. Seventy-two people died because of the fire, which an inquiry stated spread rapidly due to the recent addition of highly flammable aluminum and polyethylene external cladding. Combustible materials were also said to have been used in the building’s windows. The fire led to an overhaul of the laws surrounding construction in the United Kingdom and impacted on global research into the dangers of using combustible construction materials.

Safety regulations in the US have been led by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) who developed the model codes adopted by many states and these, along with compliance building codes published by The International Code Council (ICC), provide the framework for ensuring new buildings are fire safe, boasting their model building codes and standards provide ‘the highest level of safety in the world’.

Safety First

Having established the importance of being compliant with building safety regulations, finding reliable suppliers and the best quality fire safe resources is key. Contractors will need to know any materials used are fit for purpose and meet necessary guidance so having confidence in your materials is necessary. Research products to find those that are well-regarded and follow up recommendations to ensure compliance. The whole construction industry is built around one key foundation stone – primarily, buildings must be safe.

Building Materials You Can Trust

Safer building materials are continually being developed, with long-standing companies establishing they are front-runners within the composite field. Rather than rely on their history, brands such as Atkore FRE composites are proving their commitment to bettering the materials available within the trade through production of fire-safe industrial fiberglass. The future of construction is changing at pace with the safety of materials being at the heart of the developments.

Ensuring structures are safe is critical and building codes are there to minimize risk. Fire safety is a vital component of the safety codes, there to protect the public and provide them with the amenities they need. When undertaking your research to decide on the best possible materials for your project, make sure the first thing you check is that they are fire safe. You can’t afford not to.

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