Alumno rebrands to mark 15 years of revolutionising student housing


Marking 15 years of taking a unique, pioneering and award-winning approach to developing student accommodation, Alumno has launched new branding and an accompanying video. The move also enables the business to celebrate its exciting and highly successful journey to date and drive forward with renewed vigour into the recovery.

The new simple, classic logo design by Graphic Thought Facility puts the Alumno name centre stage within a circle of soft blue. “It projects a well-crafted, purposeful and human image, reflective of a company with soul,” according to Graphic Thought Facility Creative Director Andy Stevens. This perfectly aligns with Alumno’s continuing mission to change the perception of student accommodation by creating unique buildings that reflect the heritage of the local area and make a valuable contribution to the communities within which they are built, while working hard for occupants.

“We believe we always manage to get these elements working together in harmony – and that’s what helps make us unique,” explains Alumno managing director David Campbell in the accompanying video, which distils the developer’s design-led philosophy of delivering exceptional functionality and key community benefits, incorporating work by local artists and supporting local causes. It succinctly tells the Alumno story, using striking imagery of its developments and the local art incorporated into them.

“Their schemes are unique and bespoke to the local area, with the arts elements always site specific,” said art curator Matthew Jarratt, who works closely with Alumno to commission the artistic elements of each building. “They also work with exceptional designers for their interior spaces and great landscape architects for their public spaces, so there’s a lot of attention to detail, and it’s this commitment to design which makes them stand out.”

Commenting on how the pandemic affected Alumno and what the future holds, Campbell said: “It was tough, but like everyone we have managed to keep going, delivering several buildings and some of our best. So, it’s shown we are resilient and have strong foundations. It’s also driven us to try harder and build better, even more ambitious developments that reflect the ongoing changes in how we all live and study.

“We currently have five projects on site across the country. Our mission going forward is to create diverse buildings that continue to offer more to residents and communities, and we will keep raising the bar. We also want to ensure we continue to provide affordable accommodation offering a good blend of rents for all budgets.”

Alumno is also starting to explore opportunities for life after university as the bridge before homeownership. “Affordable, single person accommodation is a major theme and issue impacting on all towns and cities throughout the UK,” said Campbell.


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