Sustainable construction material Specwall awarded A1 fire rated status


Advanced wall systems company, Specwall, further enhanced their vision to transform the UK construction industry by achieving A1 fire rated panel status, classified by UKAS registered the Thomas Bell-Wright International Consultants.

Specwall is an advanced wall system with inherent insulation, excellent acoustic and fire ratings, in the form of lightweight solid A1- and A2-rated panels. Its solid construction allows for direct fixings without the need for additional Patressing, and direct applied finishes including tiles and paint.

The Panel is simple to install, requires minimal labour with a low skill set, has minimal waste and even has the ability to be adjusted or relocated if required in the future.

It is not affected or damaged by water or mould and can be installed before the building is watertight making it suitable for pre-build, Cat A and Cat B installs.

Following recent high profile fires to residential properties ,  Specwall has developed the A1 panel in reaction to the increasing demands of the UK construction market that exceeds the current minimum requirements of UK Building Control.

In order to provide safe places for people to live and work, future-proof properties for funders and investors and mitigate the risk of expensive remedial works, Specwall proactively looked to provide an A1 fire rated walling system for the construction industry.

Specwall adds speed, efficiency and quality to all sectors of the construction industry, including industrial buildings, commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, prisons and residential developments.

Matt Jay, Managing Partner commented:

“Our A1 fire rated panel is a game changer for the construction industry, a result of extensive research and development which was undertaken in response to this anticipated market need. The A1-panel has exceeded vigorous testing with confirmations that there is no flammable material in the panel, it cannot contribute to a fire at any stage and is the same weight and strength as standard A2-rated panel.”

The A1 rating will further enhance the company’s ability to attract new contracts for the construction material, and its commitment to safety and future proofing will be viewed positively by funders, investors and insurers.

For more information, visit Specwalls website get in contact or download their CPD –

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