What The Growth In Delaware Gambling Means For Construction In The State


Delaware online gambling has been incredibly successful so far. The state has finished the year on a very positive note. It is good to know the reasons behind all of this success, and also important to look at what is driving gambling in the state in general.

New Operators

It is important to know that Joe Biden’s home state is not a stranger to new operators joining the iGaming market. The online operators are able to use some of the finest software in the business to deliver entertainment packages that are truly world-class. This has provided some big name players with the chance to enter the US market. They are now offering the aggregator platform through a deal with Caesars Entertainment. Video lottery is also very famous for casinos in Delaware. There are also new and upcoming products that are now gripping fans from all around the state. When you look at the passion that they have for modern tech, you will soon see that people now have access to more entertainment than ever.

2021 was a Record Year

Last year – 2021 – was certainly nothing short of a success when you look at the online gambling industry. When you look at the Delaware Lottery, you will soon see that the industry managed to grow at a rate of 26.2% if you compare the figures to the year before. The growth in the industry is remarkable and it looks like things are in a very promising position. The industry is relying on tech, and it looks like custom apps are proving to be very popular for companies too. Tech is improving year after year, and it is continuing to move the industry forward too. Player spending has increased to 35%. Operators are offering a lot more options and this is helping a lot of Delaware online casino sites to really excel.

2022 is Looking Great

If you look at 2021 then you may well be within your rights to think that 2022 is going to be an even more incredible year for gaming in Delaware. Delaware looks to be thriving now and some are saying that it is a corporate tax haven. The gambling industry is steering the pack as it is now able to capitalize as a very rich industry. These figures are going to make a lot of other operators take notice of the market for gaming. Online gambling and operators are looking for new markets all the time as this gives them the chance to build a solid customer base in an untouched market.

Construction and Casinos in Delaware

So, as you can see, the rate of online growth is nothing short of astonishing, but at the same time, it is important to look at how it has benefitted other casinos too. If you look at the North Southland Casino Racing, you will soon see that this is getting back on track for completion. It’s going to have a $250 million expansion within the property, which will be featuring a hotel and a brand-new gaming complex. Lou Jacobs and CEO Brian Hansberry have recently contacted construction crews to take part in the project, which is hopefully going to be finished sometime in 2022, ready for gleaming photographs to be taken for its marketing campaign.

The great thing about the expansion is that it is going to grow the gaming industry even more, with 2,400 gaming machines being added, along with 60 live tables. The 113,000 square-foot casino is also going to have a fully expanded dining division. This is going to have a much bigger buffet and it is also going to have a steakhouse restaurant as well. In combination with this, there’s going to be a new center, a lobby, and a player lounge.

Of course, the main component of this major expansion is going to be the 20-storey hotel tower. This is going to be home to 300 rooms. There are going to be 216 standard rooms, a total of 72 corner suites, and 12 penthouse suites. These will be located on the top floor. Onsite parking is going to be expanded as well, with the construction set to take the casino industry one step forward, yet again.


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