9 Great Ways to Upgrade Your Deck Area


If your deck area is becoming a little bland, it may be time to spice it up with some upgrades. A majority of the options in this article are inexpensive and straightforward to implement. So you can have your deck area transformed in a matter of days to weeks if you put in the work. Then, you’ll have the ultimate hangout space in your backyard. 

  1. Add Plants

Give the space life by adding plants to some of the bare spots on your deck. For example, consider installing some planters around the edges, placing large pots near the posts, and getting some hanging baskets if possible. 

Depending on your gardening capabilities, you should plant various flower breeds around the deck to showcase an array of colors. However, stick with leafy plants, succulents, and bushes if you want a simple look with low maintenance.

  1. Decorations

Customizing with outdoor decorations turns a house into a home, and you can upgrade your deck by showcasing your style. First, if you have outdoor furniture, get some cute pillows. Then, get some hanging decor for the railings. 

If you have difficulty finding decor for your deck, hobby stores usually offer it in just about any style. However, you can also order online to save money and expand your options.

  1. Restain the Wood

Over time, the color of your deck will fade to grey. Additionally, parts of it may turn an unsightly, slimy green from excess moisture and algae buildup. So if your deck looks a little dull, it may be time to power wash and restain it to look brand new.

  1. Install a Pergola

Pergolas are wooden lattice structures that provide shade without completely blocking the sunlight. Installing one will give your deck a unique creative style that simultaneously provides comfort. 

To make the ultimate hang-out spot under the pergola, you’ll need some comfortable furniture, pillows, and an outdoor rug. Then, hang a string of lights around the perimeter to create a relaxing vibe at nighttime. 

  1. Expand Your Deck

Adding another level can create extra space if your deck is too small for your needs. So whether you’re seeking a private place to relax, more room to party, or a spot to build an outdoor kitchen, adding another level to your deck creates endless potential. 

However, this task is meant for professionals who know how to maintain your deck’s structural integrity while building. Deck builders in Harford County, MD, can safely create the deck of your dreams. Therefore, you can ease your mind knowing that you won’t sacrifice quality. 

  1. Add Some Lights

Lighting plays an essential role in setting the mood. So if you wish to switch up the vibe on your deck, you should switch up the lighting. This upgrade can be enough to totally transform the space, creating a fun place to hang out on summer nights. 

The trend is to use strings of lights above the deck space, but you should also consider bug-repelling torches, candles, and even lamps on each post. Additionally, get creative with the lighting by finding decorations that double as lamps.

  1. Install a Bar

Having a bar at home can make your house the go-to for every get-together. First, you’ll need a counter with plenty of storage underneath and another behind the bar to display alcohol. Then, get a few barstools to complete it. Finally, consider adding a few beer taps if you want to go the extra mile. 

  1. Screens

Several types of screens can serve as valuable upgrades for your deck. For example, a small, wooden privacy structure can also serve as a place for climbing plants to grow, adding to your deck’s visual appeal. 

On the other hand, adding a bug screen around the deck can turn the space into a sunroom, so you can still relax outside without worrying about pests or the elements ruining the area. Plus, this can double as a privacy screen, allowing you to relax without interruption from neighbors.

  1. Multipurpose Storage

If your deck is cluttered with random junk, it may be time for a clean-up. Once you’ve gone through your things, set them aside and build some multipurpose storage units. For instance, you could build benches with a lifting seat. Or you can use a microwave cart with drawers to hold gardening supplies and act as a display for your favorite plants. 


Your deck space holds much potential, and your home may not feel complete if you aren’t using it to its fullest advantage. So implementing some of these upgrades can totally transform the area into the perfect hangout spot. Ensure that you conduct adequate research before starting a DIY project and hire a contractor when you’re not qualified to complete the task safely.


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