Creating Outstanding Visuals For Real Estate Sales & Marketing


Real estate sales and marketing are one of the biggest challenges faced by investors in this industry. They have to look for competent marketers who might not understand the tricks to succeed in the industry, and those who do are quite expensive.

This is because of the sensitive nature of the market. It is also a little bit difficult to capture the attention of potential buyers especially due to the market’s competition. Digitization has also made it difficult to surprise customers with marketing ideas.

So what can real estate marketers do? Well, they have to get creative and adapt to the changing requirements of their customers. One way of doing that is by creating outstanding visuals for sales and marketing.

Here are a few visual ideas for real estate sales and marketing; 

Enhancing Visuals Through Storytelling

Storytelling is an amazing sales and marketing idea that is rarely used by real estate marketers. You can create amazing visuals and then spice them up with true-life stories that resonate well with potential customers’ memories, emotions, and dreams.

For instance, you can tell a story of how a daughter bought a home for her parents and paid in cash. This can appeal to adult kids. You can also tell a story of a homeless person who got his first job and bought a house with one mortgage to give hope to others.

When telling these stories, you should add visuals such as photos and videos. Since most people might have reservations about their photos being put up to the public, you can instead turn photos into cartoons and use them. You can even share these photos and stories on social media.

eBooks For Target Audience

You can use an eBook with visuals such as photos and infographics to solve a single problem faced by your target audience. This does not sell as much as other strategies but gives you an edge over your competitors when it comes to addressing issues faced by your customers.

You can use eBooks for things like lead generation and then place them on your landing pages. When preparing an eBook, ensure that you have focused on a single problem and provided a solution to the problem.

You then need to ensure that the problem is effectively covered using photos, comparison tables, infographics, charts, and other visuals that make it easy for people to understand you. Do not forget to add CTAs to the eBook.

Video Testimonials

Trust is gained, and as a real estate business, you need to gain the trust of your existing and potential customers. Trust plays a crucial role for all real estate investors, but is even more important for those who want to buy expensive properties such as luxury homes.

One way of gaining trust is by using video testimonials. You can use them to show that you are not only professional but can also be trusted. Using your existing clients, let them share their stories and how amazing working with you has been.

They can even mention some of your agents by name, talk about their new property and how happy it makes them, and recommend you to any future clients. They should also mention the benefits of working with your agency. You can share these videos on social media and on your website.

Virtual Tours

A real estate agency that uses virtual tours when showcasing a property will sell more compared to one that does not. A virtual tour involves taking 360° images that allow potential customers to virtually walk through a property.

This way, they can see all corners of the property and ask any questions that they might have. It is also convenient since the clients and real estate agents save a lot of time – they would otherwise have visited the property physically.

Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is a modern sales and marketing technique that is driven by advancements in technology. You can virtually stage the design of a house and highlight everything good about the house. These are also referred to as the selling points of the house.

Initially, real estate agents had to physically stage a home and then take photos. This has now changed. With virtual staging, you can get as many photos as you want, from different angles. These photos can be changed as much as you want until you get exactly what sells.

You can even use professionals to remove or add new things to the virtually staged house. This helps you show the potential of the house. Using these images, you can showcase the house to your potential customers.

Looking at the visuals discussed above, you will realize that they are all creative ways and can generate a lot of sales for real estate businesses. So, what are you waiting for?


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