Landlords and Home Owners: Discover how to make Viral Videos on TikTok


Social networks are one of the main marketing tools in today’s world. That includes TikTok, which can be a little more difficult to handle, unless you find someone below 25 years of age to take care of it, for you. However, this may not be the best solution either. Here are a few tips to help you create viral videos on TikTok.

Follow the Waves

Actually, on TikTok, these waves are called trends. They can be explained simply as a large number of people copying a video that has worked well. To do so, they use the element that enabled it to reach so many people and to become a viral TikTok video. Sometimes it is a special filter that was used, while at others, it is about using a particular song, or dancing in a certain manner. These waves are what you need to ride upon, if you want a chance to also go viral. Naturally, you need to find a way to insert the subject that you want to talk about, which is apartments or houses to rent. The next tip may be the hardest one to follow…

Be Funny

The TikTok crowd is different from Instagram and Facebook. It is one that doesn’t take anything seriously. The way to their heart is humour. And so, you need to find a way to get your message through, while not taking yourself seriously. However, since the crowd is young, you have a large gathering of potential students needing to find somewhere to stay, over the next semesters. Therefore, TikTok is not something you should neglect.

Find the Right Hashtags

If you want other people than your followers looking at your video, you need to start by adding hashtags to it. Again, you need to think of two completely different things: One – to be funny, and two – to be on the subject. And so, you should choose hashtags according to the trend it is following, but also make it about people who are looking to rent an apartment or a house. Five hashtags per post should do the trick.

Gain Followers

The thing about viral videos, is that they get shared by the people who view them, to their own followers. If it works, the latter will also share it to theirs, and so on, creating a gigantic number of views and likes. Therefore, to increase your chances of being reshared, over and over again, you need to grow your number of followers. The higher the number, the more chances you have to start the wave, so that it can grow to a viral status.

Be Original

As much as you want to copy others, you also want to be original in the way you do it. Otherwise, you will remain just another video on a popular subject. Sometimes, you need to break the mold, so that people do react to your content. There are many ways to do so. Up to you to find the one that fits your message. Be careful but also bold.


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