Now in its 17th year, the Shaw Contract Design Awards programme is a chance to recognise the spaces that inspire new ways of living, working, learning, and healing through the design lens.

Our 2022 Design Awards programme had almost 600 entries submitted from 44 countries around the world. All projects entered proceeded to the first stage of judging; where an elite panel of industry design leaders collaborated in each region to select the first ever “Best of Region” winners in the history of the Awards. 

We are delighted to announce that “Best of Region – UK & Continental Europe” are: 

BLOC Manchester, UK by Bruntwood Works 

The Judges said: “A beautiful project which considers the strong points and particularities of the building. A very considered approach that is not overdone.” 

McCANN OFFICES, Bucharest, Romania by Corvin Cristian Studio 

The Judges said: “This project plays with very a narrow range of colours, but they are very nicely placed… love the colour scheme and the use of materials, the break in the interior and the innovative use of materials.”  

RAISELAB, Paris, France by Label Experience 

The Judges said: “The use of materials andthe colours palette that they used is very good and it complements the industrial look and concrete... with a strong sustainability story.” 

The “Best of Region – UK & Continental Europe” Judging Panel, to which Shaw Contact EMEA extends a special thanks, consisted of: 

Raymond Chu, Associate Director at KKS-Savills, London, UK; Jelena Marjanovic – Project Manager at Archimage, Paris, France; Ida Kiss, Design Director at DVM Group, Budapest, Hungary; and Tatu Ahlroos, Interior Architect at SARC Architects and President-elect International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers, Helsinki, Finland. 

Overall, in the 2022 Awards, 37 projects were selected as Best of Region winners across the following judging panels: Best of Asia, Best of Australia & New Zealand, Best of Canada, Best of Greater China, Best of India, Best of Latin America, Best of Middle East & Africa, Best of UK & Continental Europe, and Best of USA. 

Each Best of Region winner will now proceed to the next stage of judging, where a panel of international Design leaders will award our Best of Globe winners. Best of Globe winners will be announced October 2022. 

About the programme 

Each entry was reviewed to select the projects that represent the very best of design from each region, using the following criteria: 

Shaw Contract’s vision is to celebrate the optimism of design, and its ability to influence our everyday lives. Together, we continue to create experiences that make a positive impact for people and the planet. For more information, please go to 

Best of Region around the globe 

Other Best of Region winners were: 





Latin America 

Middle East & Africa