Volvo Group UK Ltd adopts waterless urinal tech to reduce emissions impact

Volvo Renault Truck Commercials Depot Felixstowe

Volvo Group UK Ltd is adopting waterless urinal technology at its UK HQ in Warwick, and its Felixstowe Renault Truck Commercials Depot, to help cut CO2 and water waste. The flushless urinals are part of the organisation’s commitment to reach net-zero by 2040, covering direct and energy indirect emissions from operations, purchased goods and services.

The roll-out of the waterless urinals, provided by UK-based Smarti Environmental, is set to slash Volvo Group UK Ltd’s carbon footprint from its washrooms by 105kg of CO2 per urinal, per year.

Volvo’s installation of waterless urinals is part of its commitment to actively looking at ways to optimise water. Last week’s announcement of a national drought shows the importance of such water saving measures. Volvo’s switch from flushing to waterless urinals will enable it to do its part to protect national water supplies, reducing its water use annually by 100,000 litres for every urinal converted to become waterless.


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