Cintoo announced as Autodesk Construction Cloud Premium Integration partner
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Cintoo, the leader in providing a cutting-edge SaaS-based cloud solution for managing reality capture data such as laser scanning for the construction, architectural and engineering disciplines, is proud to announce that it has been accepted as an Autodesk Construction Cloud Premium Integration partner.

As a leader in promoting collaborative efforts and providing cloud-based resources in the areas of digital design and construction, Cintoo is providing its extensive knowledge and thought leadership in reality capture to promote the combined use of Autodesk Construction Cloud® and Cintoo Cloud for all aspects of design and construction. Using Cintoo Cloud, BIM or CAD files can be seamlessly uploaded for comparison to the mesh-based laser scan and drone data. They can then be compared to the as-built conditions to evaluate them against the intended design. Cintoo’s goal in joining the Autodesk Construction Cloud Premium Integration partner program is to drive reality data adoption to help builders reduce costs by ensuring what is being built is according to the plans.

“Cintoo is proud to participate in the Autodesk Construction Cloud Premium Integration Partner program. Our membership will allow interested users to learn about the latest advancements in reality capture, providing leading edge support for their Autodesk BIM or CAD designs. By joining the Autodesk Construction Cloud Premium Integration Partner program, Cintoo confirms its goal to provide more value to Autodesk customers. We offer a browser-based solution that leverages a unique point cloud-to-mesh technology and the TurboMesh™ streaming engine, to allow any expert or non-expert access to high resolution 3D scans and models from anywhere at any time,” said Dominique Pouliquen, CEO and Product Manager at Cintoo.

“Autodesk Construction Cloud customers are among the most ardent users of Cintoo Cloud by utilizing inherent uploading of Autodesk BIM models for design comparison to scanned reality data. Working in concert with Autodesk Construction Cloud, users can easily create and share annotations or issues with their distributed team members.”

“By positioning Cintoo Cloud with the Autodesk Construction Cloud Premium Integration Partner program, users can create additional value for all Autodesk Construction Cloud customers. Cintoo allows users to easily and continuously update their BIM and CAD models and optimize their decision-making process over the life of the project.” Cintoo’s Chief Sales Officer Rob Rasnic further stated, “Reality capture is an essential component of the Autodesk Construction Cloud ecosystem and Cintoo is proud to work in collaboration with the Autodesk Construction Cloud Premium Integration Partner program to educate and inform all users on all aspects of optimizing their designs thanks to accurate, trustful and shareable reality capture data.”

To learn more about Cintoo Cloud please visit: or go to the Autodesk App Store here: Cintoo Autodesk App Store

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