Renovating Your Home? Here’s Five Storage Options To Consider


Thinking of renovating your home but you’re worried about the amount of clutter that’s going to be produced as a result? Well, why not look at your storage space first? Are you using all the available space in your home to its fullest potential? 

When renovating your home, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the task ahead of you. There are so many details involved, from choosing new paint colors to finding contractors. So much work! There’s always so much stuff to manage along the way—boxes full of items that need moving. Luckily, there are moving and storage unit companies like Safestore storage units, that offer some of the best services for your needs. Read on as we discuss five storage options that can help with your renovation project.

  1. Portable Storage

If your apartment or a home is undergoing renovation, you may need to temporarily move your stuff to another location or storage facility. Portable storage containers are great for this kind of situation. These containers are often used for moving, but they can also be used for storing things. 

The best part is that portable storage units are usually delivered right to your door. They provide the perfect solution for storing stuff that you need out of your way. They are easy to move, so if you need to relocate them to another location, you can easily move them.  

Before you get a portable storage unit, you might want to research first to find the best one that fits your needs. There are various options available for you. Also, you can consider a company that offers the size, cost, and delivery options that make the most sense to you. Just make sure not to skimp on size, particularly if you plan on storing furniture in there.

  1. Rent A Storage Container

Suppose you need even more space for your stuff. If you don’t want to buy a portable storage container, you can choose to rent a storage container. These units are ideal if you need a large amount of space to hold all your things. It’s also better if you don’t know how long your renovation project will take.

You can rent a storage container at most self-storage facilities. They have different storage units size and types depending on your needs. You can even rent a climate-controlled storage container, which is ideal if you’re storing items that might be damaged by extreme heat or cold. A rental storage unit offers you the perfect solution to your stuff’s safety and security until the renovation is complete.

  1. Ask Your Friends And Family To Lend Storage Space

If you’re not in a position to rent a storage unit and your home isn’t an option, you can ask your friends and family if they are willing to give you space to store your stuff. 

You must consider a few things if you’re considering this option. First, make sure your friend or family member is comfortable storing your belongings. Second, you have a good relationship with this person to trust them with your things. You might need to put a contract in place so everyone knows what is expected. Don’t forget to ask for timelines to know how long they’ll lend their space to you.

  1. Traditional Self-storage At A Storage Facility

A traditional self-storage facility is a good option if you’re not allowed to park a portable storage container in your driveway. Like mobile units, they come in many sizes so that you can accommodate all kinds of stuff.  

There are many advantages to choosing a storage facility for your renovation project. Storage facilities often have security features, like 24-hour surveillance and on-site staff, so your stuff will be safe and secure. You can get to your items quickly and easily and even drive your car into some storage units, so you don’t have to haul large items inside the facility.

You can also choose to hire a mobile container and have the company pick it up and store it for you. Once you’re done with your renovation, the company will drop it back.

  1. Use One Of The Rooms In Your Home To Store Your Items

If you have a room that’s not in use, you can try and designate it for storage during renovations. If you don’t require a lot of storage space and only have a small amount of stuff to store, you can consider using one of the rooms in your home. 

As with any storage space, this room shouldn’t be occupied, safe, and secure. It should also be enough to accommodate everything that needs putting away. You might think about sealing it off, so that dust and other particles aren’t floating around the rest of your house.

Wrap Up

Planning in advance can help you avoid unnecessary headaches. When considering your storage options, a lot comes into play. First, how often do you want to access the stuff you want to put away? What’s your budget? And how long do you want to put away your items?

There are many options for stowing your things while you renovate your home. However, make sure to choose what works best for you based on your circumstances. No matter your choice, you’ll want to ensure that your stuff is safe and secure.


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