Rippon Homes Urges People to Buy New

Rippon Homes Urges People to Buy New

Amid rising energy costs, Rippon Homes, a Midlands-based housebuilder, has urged people to buy new. The house itself can be a potential factor in the rising energy bills, with studies showing that new homes have significantly lower bills on average than their older counterparts.

Dedicated to reducing fuel usage in its properties, Rippon Homes has partnered with technology company Etopia Group to deliver energy-efficient homes with the aim of Net Zero carbon. In fact, if homeowners opt to install solar panels, the property will be energy positive with a potential EPC rating of 104.

Moreover, the housebuilder is implementing the Powered by Etopia (PBE) system at its Marquis Gardens development in Old Dalby, Leicestershire and involves the Etopia Group providing pre-manufactured panels to site that will form a home’s structure. While this particular system is so far being used on one site, Rippon Homes work hard to ensure all their properties are energy efficient, not only saving money for their homeowners, but also reducing their impact on the planet.

“We realise the concerns a lot of our customers have right now. Rising energy costs are hitting many people hard. That’s why Rippon Homes is committed to making our homes as energy efficient as possible. Not only are we conscious of our environmental impact, but we also want our customers to live as comfortably as possible. Our energy efficient homes are designed to reduce carbon emissions and our customers’ energy bills. We always go above and beyond at Rippon Homes and we’re proud to say we are constantly adapting to bring our customers the best possible experience,” said Ian Dyke, Managing Director at Rippon Homes.

On average, people living in existing homes are paying £1,457 a year for their energy since the 54% energy price increase. As comparison, those living in new homes have seen half as much of an increase and are paying only £713 a year. Even with the energy price cap coming into place in October, those living in an existing home will still see much higher energy bills than those in new homes.

This happens because older homes usually feature outdated insulation and technology, preventing them from retaining heat and increasing fuel usage. New homes, such as those built by Rippon Homes, feature double-glazed windows, improved air tightness, high quality insulation, highly efficient boilers, and water saving systems.

While older buildings inevitably suffer from wear and tear, the technology and materials in new-builds are up-to-date, making them more energy efficient. On average, it costs £38,000 – £74,000 to renovate a three-bedroom house.  A new home requires no renovation and will help the buyer to save on energy bills from day one.

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