5 Features That Make Homes Sell Fast


If you’re selling your home, the good news is that 2022 still sees a seller’s market, which means you get to call the shots. Inventories are low, and demand is high, so selling fast is on the cards – provided you play them right. But what makes USA real estate sell fast? Check out the features that make prospective home buyers fall in love, and see how your home stacks up. Remember – making extensive alterations may not be profitable in terms of property value, so steer clear of costly revamps unless you’re sure they’ll gain a good return on investment. Need a few quick fixes? Keep up with the latest news on all things property-related. Now let’s dive in and check out those must-have features.

1. An Awesome Kitchen

Check out the top home renovation trends and what do you see? Kitchens, kitchens, and still more kitchens. It’s the top trendsetting feature of any home, so having your kitchen looking up-to-date and ready to receive a gourmet chef is a definite selling point. However, before you go overboard, consider the cost versus the benefits you might get from them. Selling fast is clearly one of them, but at what cost? For example, quartz countertops scream luxury, but come with a hefty price tag. Laminated plywood is still a step above chip-base and won’t set you back by as much.

2. A Home Theater

Going to the movies is seriously out of style. Instead, having a room that’s purely intended for watching streamed entertainment is all the rage. That means dimmer switches for lights, outlets for surround sound and the screen, soundproofing and ample room for seating with a step up for the second row if there’s room for one. Will your home sell without one? Quite possibly, but if you do have a home theater, it’s a definite selling point to highlight.

3. A Double Plus Garage

Most American families own at least two cars, and some own three. Either way, a double garage will be seen as minimum by many home buyers and extra room for storage is always welcome. If you’re in a hurry to sell and only have as ingle garage, consider installing an additional carport – extending your garage doesn’t add enough value to make it a worthwhile short-term proposition.

4. A Solar Power System

If you have a solar system, even a limited one, it’s a selling point! Be sure to highlight this fact if you already own one. You’ll attract more “greenies” and those who are interested in feeling self-sufficient. If you don’t already have a solar system, don’t add one just to sell your house faster without first looking at potential return on investment. Chances are, it’s better to leave things as they are and let the buyer add solar panels if they want them.

5. Built-In Storage

Have you tried to buy a cupboard lately? Wardrobes and chests of drawers are two a penny, but storage with shelving is no longer a popular stand-alone. Home buyers will expect to find homes with plenty of built-in storage ranging from kitchen units to bedroom wardrobes. Despite just about everyone advising folks to cut down on “stuff,” the average family has plenty of it and will want space to put it.

Bonus Tip: Bathroom Beautiful

Let’s close off with a bonus tip. Roomy, fresh bathrooms with a spa-like feel are super-popular with home buyers. If revamping your bathroom looks like more of an expense than an area for profit, do the best you can to present your existing bathroom well. That means tidying away personal items and ensuring that everything is sparkling-clean before people come to view your home.

Ready to sell? Be careful about the renovations you undertake for a faster sale. Most people like a move-in-ready home, but adding too much to your costs before selling is a tradeoff between how fast you want to sell and how much you’re willing to spend in order to sell fast. Even if your additions are brand new, you’re unlikely to recover their full cost. Approach presale renovations with this in mind and use smart staging to make what you have look more appealing.

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