Green construction innovator re-brands as LCM

Green Construction Innovator Rebrands as LCM

Sphera, an established environmental innovator shaping the green construction industry, has announced it is rebranding as Low Carbon Materials (LCM), to build on its huge success. Known for its pioneering new building material, the UK company is using its international notoriety and investment to get a step closer to mainstream production.

Its science-based, lower carbon, new-age building material proves real promise as a solution for the construction industry in achieving net zero emissions. The company’s flagship product, OSTO, has been technically engineered to utilise waste and by-products in its manufacture which would otherwise be destined for incineration or landfill, further reducing carbon emissions, and creating a ‘win-win’ solution for both industry and the environment twice over.

“We’re thrilled to be taking the company forward into its next phase of development, multiplying the amount of waste diverted from incineration, and helping construction companies achieve net zero, all whilst helping our planet. There is nothing more important or rewarding than that for us,” said Dr Natasha Boulding, CEO, and Co-founder of Low Carbon Materials (LCM).

“The targets set out by the UK government to achieve net zero can only be achieved with the right solutions and a new way of thinking and working. We’re scientists working with a wide range of industry specialists to realise our product plans, which once on the market, could radically redefine how we build, and significantly reduce environmental damage, particularly as concrete accounts for 8% of carbon emissions. Globally, and working collaboratively, we have the potential to save hundreds of thousands of tonnes of CO2e with this approach. LCM has enjoyed a phenomenal year, but this is only the beginning and we’ve much more on the horizon to announce.”

In just a few years since its inception, Sphera, now LCM, has achieved global recognition, business acceleration support, and a string of awards, including an Earthshot Prize nomination, placing it among the 1,000 most impactful and inspiring solutions for environmental issues globally. The rebranding represents the next stage in the company’s development, with its products currently being trialled in the market. Following that, other growth plans are already underway to develop and scale carbon-negative materials for the wider built environment.

As part of its expansion plans, LCM is quadrupling the size of its HQ, with a move to Jade Business Park, County Durham. The site will include a state-of-the-art R&D facility and production centre to support the scaling and development of new products.  LCM has also tripled its workforce in less than a year with plans to expand it further into 2023 and beyond.

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