TG Lynes invests in lorry safety system

TG Lynes invests in lorry safety system

Leading heating, plumbing and air movement materials supplier TG Lynes has invested in state-of-the-art technology to warn its delivery drivers of potential hazards on the road.

TG Lynes, based in Enfield, is in the process of adding Brigade’s Sidescan Predict® system to its entire fleet of HGV vehicles.

The intelligent side detection system has been developed for rigid vehicles with large blind spots.

Six ultrasonic sensors on the side of the vehicle detect objects and vulnerable road users, whether they are stationary or moving.

The technology calculates the risk of collision and alerts the driver either visually or audibly, depending on the risk.

TG Lynes plans to have the technology installed on a quarter of its distribution fleet by March next year

Andrew Ingram, General Manager at TG Lynes, said: “We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to make life easier and safer for all of our colleagues.

“It is crucial that vehicles with complex blind spots utilise technology to help reduce collisions.

“Brigade’s Sidescan Predict system is one of the most technically sophisticated products available. It will offer peace of mind to our drivers and false alarms are significantly reduced, meaning they can be confident in the accuracy of the warning.”

TG Lynes has used other Brigade safety products for more than 10 years.

Used in conjunction with driver training and regular internal safety briefings, TG Lynes has managed to avoid any serious incidents with vulnerable road users, including pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders and motorbikes.

Andrew added: “Safety is a top priority for us. The protocols and safety equipment we have put in place, in conjunction with internal and external training, have enabled us to reduce near-miss incidents and has eradicated any side-swipe incidents and road traffic collisions.”

The Sidescan Predict® system remains switched on when the vehicle’s speed is below 22mph, regardless of the indicator selection, and cannot be deactivated by the driver.

Emily Hardy, Marketing Manager of Brigade Electronics UK: “Unlike existing systems, which simply register the presence of a potential obstacle, Sidescan Predict® is constantly gathering data in a vehicle’s vicinity.

“This provides additional benefits to operators by significantly reducing false alarms and increasing confidence in the accuracy of warning alerts. We are delighted to add Sidescan Predict® to our range of commercial vehicle safety systems and we are confident that it will make a positive impact to road and worksite safety and preventing fatalities.”

As well as the HGVs, TG Lynes’ fleet also includes 3.5 tonne vans and an electric bike.

TG Lynes offers a daily delivery service to sites across London, the South East, East Anglia and the Midlands, with the first vehicles on the road for 6am.

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