Panic Ensues: A Step-by-Step Guide to Emergency Roof Repairs

Panic Ensues: A Step-by-Step Guide to Emergency Roof Repairs

Home emergencies happen at the most inconvenient times. And you may not always be able to repair them in a timely manner. Water damage as well as electricity issues are going to need to be taken care of as soon as possible to insure the protection and safety of your family. Contacting Primo Roofing & Solar can help you will all your roof repairs.

Step One

You will need to determine where the leak is coming from. If there is an attic or some type of crawl space under the roof, you will need to examine that. Be sure to have someone hold the ladder or be with you as you inspect the ceiling. You will need to be careful where you step to make sure you do not fall through the ceiling or step in any insulation. A headlamp or powerful flashlight is a handy item to help with the hunt for leaks.

It is best to inspect the inside while it is actively raining to better determine where the leak is coming from. You will need to wait until the rain stops to go out on the roof for the next step.

Step Two

Once the rain is finished, and it is safe to go up on your roof, you will need to secure a tarp over the leak opening. Again, this should be a two or more-person job. Never go onto your roof alone or without someone on the ground to help if there is an emergency.

The tarp should be pulled tight and smoothed out over the leaking opening. You will need to secure the tarp with large nails as well as some type of cement or sealant to make sure the nail holes are not causing more leaking. This is only a temporary fix until a professional roofing company can come to repair the leaks.

Third Step

You may be able to temporarily fix some of the leaking roof tiles yourself to wait for a professional. Waiting is not advisable, however there are circumstances that may warrant waiting, such as a busy season for roofers or monetary concerns of the homeowner. It is best to schedule a repair as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your roof and indoor property.

Using roofing sealant, you can reaffix loose or damaged shingles. Once you have done this, make a diagram or map the temporarily fixed shingles. This will help the professionals when they come to make the permanent repairs. Do not use a paint or other type of marker on the shingles as this will wash away with additional rain or could further damage the shingles.

No Need to Panic

Even if your roof begins to leak in the middle of the night, or on a holiday, you can immediately call for emergency help. The goal of roof repairs is to prevent and protect your family as well as your property. Postponing repairs, even for a little while, can do more damage than good. If you need to put off repairs, follow the temporary mending advice above.

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