Hampshire housebuilder brings £46 million investment to local region in 2022

Hampshire housebuilder brings £46 million investment to local region in 2022

Barratt Developments has built 721 new homes in the Hampshire region in the last 12 months and has brought more than £46 million to local communities. 

The leading developer, which is bringing its Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes developments to the county, also provided 179 affordable new homes, sold at 54% below the average price of a private new house. 

The figures are obtained from the company’s annual socio-economic footprint and highlight how much local economy benefits from the building of new homes thanks to a combination of programmes that form part of each new housing development. 

With investment into the local community a top priority, Barratt spent £30.1 million on physical works to improve highways, local outdoor spaces, and community facilities. A further £10.1 million came from a boost to local spending, supporting trade through spending in shops and services, which has in turn supported 98 retail and service-related jobs. 

In addition, almost £6.2 million has been contributed to organisations local to each of the developments in the region. These include supporting local authorities, schools, community groups and charities to strengthen local communities. 

A well as financial investment, the housebuilding supply chain has contributed £123 million through its total value spend with suppliers and sub-contractors, working with 607 supplier and sub-contractor companies, as well as supporting 1,552 jobs and 13 places for graduates, apprentices and trainees. 

Barratt holds sustainability high on its priority list too. An impressive 3.96 tonnes of construction waste has been diverted from landfill thanks to responsible management – a 44% reduction against the company’s 2015 benchmark of 7.09 tonnes. 

The equivalent of 12 football pitches worth of public and private green space has been created (8.7ha), with 54% of developments designed with landscape-led, above ground, sustainable urban drainage systems. 

James Dunne, Barratt Developments Managing Director, Southampton Division, said: “Despite the nation facing uncertainty with the cost-of-living crisis, we have prided ourselves on continuing our commitment to building strong, sustainable communities. 

“The local areas we work in benefit from jobs, community development and support for local business as well as a collection of brand-new homes. It’s so important for us to leave a lasting legacy in and around these new neighbourhoods, and I’m very proud of the positive impact we have, both at the time of construction, as well as in the years after.” 

The socio-economic footprint report highlights several other key figures and benefits generated through the building of Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes in 2022: 

  • £107.3 million of Gross Value Added to the Group’s contribution to UK economic output
  • £13.5 million worth of tax generated by Barratt’s activities through Corporation Tax, NI, PAYE, SDLT and local council tax
  • £15.9 million worth of land approved for investment
  • £1.3 million New Homes Bonus paid by Government to Local Authorities as a result of homes built by the Group
  • 1,552 direct, indirect and induced employment through the Group, its sub-contractors and suppliers
  • 99% of homes built to EPC* A and B
  • 99% sustainability certified timber used
  • 40 school places provided
  • 15 hours of employee volunteering
  • 9 sites with identified Biodiversity Net Gain requirement ahead of legislation 

The report on Barratt’s socio-economic footprint in 2022 was carried out by independent experts who analysed socio-economic impacts through the delivery chain for new housing based upon Barratt Developments datasets, published research and national statistics. 

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Barratt Developments is currently selling a variety of properties across Hampshire, including at Harbour Place in Bedhampton, Saxon Corner in Emsworth and Forest Walk in Whiteley.

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