Aggreko’s £150m Greener Upgrades Investment Set to Ease Pressures of Low-Carbon Construction

Aggreko’s £150m Greener Upgrades Investment Set to Ease Pressures of Low-Carbon Construction

Following the creation of the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, an industry expert is highlighting the need for increased supply of energy-efficient equipment to help lower emissions and ensure cost-effectiveness.

The cabinet reshuffle, which saw Grant Shapps appointed as the UK’s first Secretary for Energy Security and Net Zero, indicates that the construction sector must be prepared for new developments in the UK’s wider industrial energy strategy. This news follows the recent publication of the Net Zero Review from former energy minister Chris Skidmore, which claims frequent shortages in both labour and skills means the UK is missing some net zero opportunities.

With the report underlining the need for supply chains to “grow significantly to meet demand over the coming years” and change expected with Schapps’ appointment, Ian Ross, European Building Services & Construction Leader at temporary power and temperature control specialist, Aggreko, is highlighting the role of suppliers in easing the pressures of transitioning towards low-carbon construction. 

“As noted in the Net Zero report, construction projects are competing for limited labour and materials, which are creating supply chain bottlenecks and placing undue pressure on the sector. To minimise these difficulties while mitigating the impact of rising costs, the sectors supply chain must be bolstered with further energy-efficient equipment provisions,” said Ian. 

To improve accessibility to new technologies across the sector, Aggreko has invested £150 million in its Greener Upgrades fleet – including boilers, Stage V generators, batteries, chillers, and hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO).

The report also suggests the UK faces a “huge challenge” to meet the skill requirements needed to transition to net zero. Aggreko is therefore highlighting the need for suppliers to provide expert support for the implementation of greener solutions on-site.

Ian told us: “Given the industry’s well-documented skills shortage, collaboration with partners to ensure equipment measures align with businesses’ long-term ambitions while tackling the immediate energy struggles, is becoming increasingly important. To support the adoption of greener practices, suppliers should therefore work to provide cost-effective solutions engineered to the individual complexities and needs of each project.

“Aggreko’s Greener Upgrades initiative sets out to support the construction workforce navigate their journey to net zero reducing emissions whilst also recognising the cost benefits that can be achieved. Incorporating the right technology is key, but it’s also fundamental to monitor performance and with supplier support  determine if and where improvements can be made. For instance, adding a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) or rightsizing generators can reduce operational costs and carbon emissions significantly. We have seen first-hand the impressive carbon and cost savings our customers have gained through switching to a Greener Upgrade solution and are confident these insights coupled with expert advice and proactive support will ensure construction professionals are well-placed to seize the opportunities of net zero.”

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