From Drills to Saws: A Comprehensive Guide to Power Tools in Australia

From Drills to Saws: A Comprehensive Guide to Power Tools in Australia

If you’re a handyman or a DIY enthusiast in Australia, you know that having the right power tools is essential to complete any task effectively and efficiently. According to a recent survey, around 68% of Australian households own at least one power tool. With multiple options available in the market, choosing the correct device for the job can be overwhelming. This guide will take you through the different types of electrical and non-electrical tools available in Australia and their uses.

Cordless Battery powered Devices

Cordless battery-powered devices are becoming increasingly popular in Australia due to their convenience and portability. Rechargeable batteries power them, so you don’t need to use them near an electric outlet. These are perfect for jobs that require you to move around or work in tight spaces. Some popular cordless battery-powered tools include drills, saws, impact drivers, and angle grinders.

Corded Devices

Corded devices are connected to an electric outlet via a cord and are generally more potent than cordless tools. They are perfect for tasks that require more power, such as cutting through thick materials or driving screws into hardwood. Corded equipment are also more reliable than cordless ones, as they don’t rely on batteries that can run out of charge. Some popular corded devices include circular saws, jigsaws, routers, and angle grinders.

Quality Hand Equipment

While power-driven equipment are great for many tasks, some jobs are best done with hand equipment. Such products are perfect for precision work and tasks that require a delicate touch. Some popular hand devices include hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, and wrenches. Investing in high-quality hand tools is essential, as they will last longer and perform better than cheaper options.

Combination Power Tools

Combination power tools are versatile devices that can perform multiple functions. They are perfect for small workshops or DIY enthusiasts who don’t have the space or budget for multiple devices. Some popular products include the drill press, which can also be used as a sander, and the mitre saw, which can be used to make angled cuts in wood and metal.


While power-driven equipment can make jobs easier, they can also be dangerous if not used correctly. Before using any of such products, it’s essential to read the instructions carefully and understand how to use the tool safely. Always wear protective gear such as safety glasses, earplugs, and gloves when using these equipment. Keep your workspace clean and organised, and only use a tool if it’s working correctly. Also, buy such products from a reputed seller, such as Mektronics Australia.


To ensure that your power-driven equipment last as long as possible, it’s essential to take care of them properly. This includes regularly cleaning and lubricating the products, as well as checking for any damage or wear. Always store your equipment in a dry and secure location, and never leave them exposed to the elements.


Quality power tools are essential for any DIY enthusiast or handyman in Australia. Whether you’re a tradesperson or a hobbyist, having suitable devices for the job can make all the difference. Cordless products are great for portability, while corded ones are more powerful and reliable. Combination products offer versatility, while high-quality hand tools are perfect for precision work. Choose a brand that offers quality products and good customer support, and always prioritise safety and maintenance when using and storing your equipment. With this comprehensive guide to power tools in Australia, you’ll be able to make informed decisions when selecting the right tool for your next project. Remember to invest in high-quality power-driven devices to ensure you can easily and efficiently complete any task.

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