REHAU Celebrates Sale of Billionth Compression Sleeve

REHAU Celebrates Sale of Billionth Compression Sleeve

Polymer supplier REHAU is celebrating after hitting a landmark milestone in its Building Solutions division by selling its billionth Everloc™ compression sleeve worldwide.

The timeless solution has been on the market for over 35 years for use with REHAU PE-Xa pipes, representing a major upgrade in connection technology since its introduction in 1987. It has since been used in over 60 countries globally, with the system being known for its reliability, fast installation and overall durability across multiple REHAU product ranges.

“We first introduced the compression sleeve jointing technology at a trade fair in the 80s,” explains Colin Pearson, Sales & Marketing Director for REHAU Building Solutions UK. “While it was seen as a gamechanger then, it continues to be a highly effective solution for contractors to this day. Whether used for heating and plumbing, underfloor heating systems or district heat networks, its robust and watertight configuration has allowed the system to remain highly effective across multiple vital applications.”

The Everloc™ connection technology uses the compression sleeve to create a permanently tight connection between the pipe and the fitting, with no O-rings or other sealants, producing an independently certified cavity-free joint. As the pipe itself is the sealant, the installation is immediately ready for pressure testing and a simple visual inspection is sufficient to know if the connection meets professional standards.

“Robust, reliable and swift installations remain huge priorities for contractors worldwide,” concludes Colin. “The enduring popularity of the compression sleeve, especially in areas such as ensuring drinking water quality, is therefore very understandable.

“Yet even given its trailblazing design and effectiveness, it’s still heartening to know that the technology remains a go-to solution globally and has passed this landmark. Fittings are a key element in drinking water and heating installations, among others. The function of the compression sleeve is largely responsible for its quality, and we will continue to improve the system to ensure its reliability for the next 35 years.”

To find out more about REHAU’s compression sleeve and its applications, click here for plumbing and here for district heating.

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