Watco and Tor Coatings to offer full building maintenance solutions

Watco and Tor Coatings to offer full building maintenance solutions

Watco and Tor Coatings have joined forces to offer a wider choice of high-quality coatings for every surface of a building, which is something that isn’t available anywhere else on the market.

Combined the specialists have almost 150 years of experience and can offer a wider range of products and solutions rooted in technical expertise to help facilities managers ensure the smooth running of fast-paced operations.

As part of the partnership, site surveys will be offered before, during and after the project. In addition, annual site surveys will allow regular inspection of projects that have been completed as well as surfaces in nearby areas. The dedicated technical team will then provide a report of required maintenance work and will work with professional contractors as needed, to ensure repairs and surface defects are fixed – allowing warranties to be extended for ongoing protection.

Commenting on the partnership’s origin, Chris Budd, Sales Director at Watco shared: “We realised that by joining forces, we could offer customers the technical expertise and solutions they would need for an entire building and all of its surfaces, as well as enhanced warranties for larger projects.”

He continued: “On top of this, our customers can now speak to just one member of the joint team for advice. This will be of huge benefit to busy facilities and premises managers because by using one contact and one supplier for the needs of the entire building envelope, they can enjoy a more streamlined process, as well as extended warranties on the products specified for a job.”

Together, Watco and Tor Coatings will be able to offer technical support to each customer, take the time to understand the project and recommend exactly which solution should be selected, while remaining on hand during and after every application. The joint offering includes coating and solutions for floors, roofs, walls, balconies and more.

Ian Birch, Commercial Director at Tor Coatings added: “We hope that by offering our wider range of solutions, and increased contact with regular site visits, we will be able to make recommendations which will ensure the longevity of coatings across all surfaces, prevent further damages, and save our customers money in the long-term. This means that our customers will sleep at night with the peace of mind that their facility, and their finances, are safe – with no nasty surprises – and will be for years to come.“

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