Transform handling operations with QUASAR

Transform handling operations with QUASAR

Award-winning battery technology cuts both operating and capital costs.

Almost every one of the 3,000 business executives in a survey reported by the influential magazine Forbes believed their companies lacked the capability to address major changes. *

That doesn’t come as a surprise to Tom Burgess, Managing Director of international specialist Triathlon Battery Solutions: “Making major changes can be disruptive. The bigger the change, the greater the risk, both for the organisation and the individual instigating it.

“It’s one of the key reasons why our award-winning new QUASAR battery is proving so successful. Businesses currently operating either IC engine or traditional lead acid powered trucks can make massive cost savings and improvements to productivity – at low or no risk.”

Here’s why.

QUASAR provides a clean, no-compromise answer for organisations looking to switch away from diesel to a greener alternative (without sacrificing any power or go-anywhere performance).

Developed to excel in the most demanding applications – including prolonged operation in extremely low temperatures with no power drop-off – QUASAR really comes into its own in heavy duty and multi-shift operations.

For those wishing to replace or upgrade lead acid battery fleets, QUASAR is a total game-changer. It offers 25% greater run-time than traditional batteries, and typically delivers additional shifts. Full re-charge times are slashed by 50% and to keep you working even longer, QUASAR batteries can be opportunity charged.

“QUASAR represents a much smaller step than committing to lithium-ion whilst offering almost all the same benefits,” explains Tom Burgess. “Not only is QUASAR cheaper than lithium-ion but it is potentially less disruptive, as some premises do not have the necessary power supply to sustain the high loads required for large numbers of recharging points… or can only achieve it at significant additional cost.”

Perhaps the biggest bonus at the outset is the reduction in capital costs. Switching from traditional lead acid to QUASAR means fewer batteries and fewer chargers (plus all the associated equipment). Along with significantly lower capital investment, it also frees up additional valuable space.

Tom Burgess adds: “As part of a world-leading organisation offering every type of battery technology, I believe QUASAR offers distinct advantages over both lithium-ion and traditional lead acid. Perhaps most important of all though, the benefits can be achieved with little or no disruption or risk.”

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