Make your voice heard: Take part in the new NBS Digital Construction Survey

Make your voice heard: Take part in the new NBS Digital Construction Survey

NBS, the platform for connected construction information, has launched its annual Digital Construction Survey giving designers, specifiers, manufacturers, contractors, clients and others working in the built environment the chance to have their voices heard.

The results of the survey, which is the most comprehensive in the sector, enable those working in the construction industry to better understand the development of their industry, including deep-level insights into the rate of digital adoption.

This year’s survey includes a renewed focus on new technologies and innovation, seeking to understand how digitisation, the likes of cloud computing, digital twin software, VR, and AR are being utilised, and to what extent this and the use of AI is shaping outcomes.

NBS continues to track how widely BIM (Building Information Modelling) is being used by industry professionals but with some minor changes to the questions – reflecting the evolving landscape.

NBS’ 2021 Digital Construction Survey found that 71% of industry professionals were using BIM and that a quarter (25%) were expecting to use it within the next five years. The report also flagged that BIM remained popular with larger businesses yet smaller firms were less likely to use its processes.

The last survey also shed light on the growing use of construction data – some 81% of specifiers wanted manufacturers to provide information as BIM or digital objects. What’s more, 90% of medium-sized organisations preferred to receive information in that way.

This year’s survey will cover attitudes towards MMC and off-site construction, which is now receiving government backing as part of its five-year strategic plan to build affordable homes. This is against a backdrop of regulatory change in-line with the Future Homes Standard.

The survey also looks to the industry to reflect on claims that it has been historically slow to digitise, addressing the challenges that are driving today’s construction industry to adopt advancing technologies. The survey asks for insight from industry professionals about the effectiveness of these new technologies, the rate of adoption, and the potential opportunities.

NBS Research Manager David Bain said “Our annual Digital Construction Survey has become a benchmark for industry insight and opinion. As always, the report will cover the topic of BIM, which NBS has become synonymous with thanks to its legacy BIM reports.

“This year’s focus will be on emerging technologies – we want to find out which innovations are striking a chord and how industry professionals expect to see digital technology and AI expanding in their sector.

“This is an exciting time for construction – which is currently in the midst of a digital revolution. Deeper understanding of these touch points is always an eye opener and we hope that built environment professionals join the conversation to ensure their voices are heard.”

This year’s NBS Digital Construction Survey, can be accessed here.

For every completed response, NBS will donate £1 to the charity Crash, which uses construction expertise to help homeless charities and hospices with vital construction projects. The survey should only take 10-15 minutes to complete.  A pre-release report is sent to all participants, so those taking part will be among the first to access the findings.

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