Should I Get Roofing and Skylight Replaced Together?

Should I Get Roofing and Skylight Replaced Together?

Over the course of your home’s life, your roof and skylights will need to be replaced. If both are showing damage at the same time, it can often be easier, and more cost effective, to have both replaced at the same time. 

Does My Roof Need to Be Replaced?

In New England, the average roof will last 20-25 years. As your roof starts to approach this age, it is important to periodically inspect your roof for signs that it needs to be replaced

One of the easiest signs to notice is leaks. If a leak develops in your roof, it will likely end up causing interior water damage to ceilings, which can often be expensive to repair. 

 Another indicator of a roof in need of replacing is the state of the shingles. If you see any cracked shingles, missing shingles, or mossy growth on shingles, then it is very likely that your roof is in need of a replacement. Shingle inspection can be made easier by checking your gutters for any debris. If you find shingle pieces in your gutters, you’ll know you have broken shingles on your roof. 

You should also keep an eye on your roofline, which, in layman’s terms, is the very top of your roof. The roofline should be completely straight and level. If you notice any sagging in your roofline, your roof will need replacing as soon as possible. A sagging roofline is extremely dangerous, as it will eventually lead to a partial, or even full, collapse. 

If you see any of these signs, it is likely that your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan and will need to be replaced imminently. 

Does My Skylight Need to Be Repaired or Replaced?

Just like your roof, your skylights will not last forever. The lifespan of a skylight is 20-30 years, depending on the manufacturer, the style of skylight, and the climate you live in. There are certain indicators you will want to keep an eye out for to determine when it is time to repair or replace your skylight. 

Very similar to a roof that needs replacing, a damaged skylight can often cause water damage and stains. You will notice this in the immediate area around the skylight. If this happens, it means the watertight seal has failed, and your skylight is no longer capable of keeping water out.

The condition of the glass is another indicator of a skylight’s condition. For example, if the glass is discolored, the maximum amount of sunlight is not getting through. You should also check for any condensation on the glass. The presence of condensation usually means that the watertight seal is broken. Finally, you will want to be cognizant of any and all cracks in the glass. Even a small crack is cause for concern, as it can grow into a large crack, and eventually cause the skylight to shatter. 

If you notice any of the above, it is time to have the skylight repaired or replaced. For small issues, like a tiny leak, a quick repair may be all that is necessary. While a large issue, such as the watertight seal failing, may require a full replacement. You should contact a trained professional, who will be able to tell you whether a repair is all that is needed, or if a full replacement is necessary. 

What Does a Skylight Replacement Entail?

Replacing a skylight is a relatively easy and quick process, especially when compared to installing a brand new skylight. While installation of a new skylight may take multiple days, a replacement can usually be completed within four hours. A professional will come to your home, remove the exterior and interior pieces of your old skylight, and replace them with a brand new skylight. They will then paint the area around the skylight if needed, and clean up the work area. After that, all that is left is for you to enjoy your brand new skylight. 

Who to Contact for Roofing and Skylight Replacement

When replacing your roof and skylights, it is important to hire a professional who specializes in both skylights and roofing services. Using a contractor without knowledge of both could lead to time consuming and costly mistakes. It is also much more convenient,as you will only have to hire one contractor, as opposed to having to hire both a roofing contractor and a skylight contractor. 

Replacing Only the Skylight

Oftentimes, a skylight will need to be replaced before the roof does due to a difference in life expectancy. This is not a problem, it is very easy for a professional to replace skylights without replacing the entire roof. The roof should not be replaced unless necessary, as it is a very expensive process. 


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