Keeping Your Construction Site Safe This Autumn with Rethync’s Multisite Construction Hoarding

Keeping Your Construction Site Safe This Autumn with Rethync's Multisite Construction Hoarding

As the autumn season approaches, construction companies and house builders are urged to prioritise site safety in the face of changing weather conditions, particularly strong winds. Rethync Ltd, a leading innovator in construction site solutions, introduces its Multisite steel hoarding as the essential answer to these safety concerns. 

Phil Chadwick, Managing Director of Rethync comments: “Autumn presents unique challenges for construction sites, and ensuring site safety is paramount. Rethync’s Multisite steel hoarding is engineered to withstand the elements while providing enhanced security options and supporting environmental sustainability, making it the ideal choice for construction projects this season. 

“With all our jobs, we provide wind loading calculations as standard for added safety. And for sites facing particularly harsh autumn winds, we offer site-specific installation amendments to enhance resistance, including narrower post spacings, larger foundations, enhanced security and height options, or the addition of backstays. 

“All this is in line with the construction industry’s goals of environmental sustainability, and the Multisite hoarding we provide at Rethync is designed with recyclable benefits in mind. The recyclable nature of the materials used in steel hoarding allows for reduced waste, the option to reuse, and it is recyclable, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly construction process.”  

As Autumn ushers in unpredictable weather, it is crucial to prioritise site safety on your construction projects. Rethync’s Multisite steel hoarding is your reliable partner in creating a professional and secure site environment during this fluctuating season. With its wind resistance, enhanced security options, and eco-friendly features, their Multisite ensures that your construction site remains safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible. 

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