Sustainability, the hidden key of Web Summit 2023
Sustainability, the hidden key of Web Summit 2023

Although Artificial Intelligence, Regulation and Access to Capital are the main subjects of the international meeting, sustainability plays a leading role in the production of stands, particularly the one produced by Feeders, which is striving to be more and more eco-friendly

The Web Summit technology event is already underway in Lisbon, Portugal, and is bringing the application of technological innovations to the centre of discussions in various areas. And although artificial intelligence is the star of the event, sustainability remains a recurring matter, this time in a practical way.

Developed and executed by the ephemeral architecture studio Feeders, the space for the Porto. brand was produced with the aim of promoting the re-use of materials, reinforcing the studio’s ongoing commitment to eco-conscious practices.

In order to put into action what the brands have already included in their speeches, Feeders wanted to highlight the latest trends and innovations in the sector, based on the pillars of Economy and Tourism, by designing a space that has been thought out in detail for use at this and the next edition of the Web Summit, as well as at other events. All this, emphasising the need for concrete actions and sustainable innovation in the business environment.

By promoting a meeting between the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem, from large companies to start-ups, Porto aims not only to consolidate its position as a quality global destination, but also to share innovative practices and operational strategies that contribute to the city’s sustainability.

The stand featured elements that reflect Feeders’ technological excellence. The brand believes that by integrating sustainability and innovation, it is possible to create a positive impact and inspire significant change.

“We are very excited to have been part of the Porto. brand at Web Summit. By developing a sustainable stand, we have aligned our participation in this international event with our environmental commitments and values. Moreover, it’s another project in which we demonstrate to our clients that there are valid alternatives for both the present and the future, in other words, that we present solutions that can be used more than once,” said Joaquim Silva, one of Feeders’ founding partners.

At Web Summit 2023 there is a significant part of the agenda to address fundamental matters related to sustainability, through speeches and round tables. High-profile speakers, such as Professor Chris Kroll, Sita Chantramonklasri and Rachel Delacour, share their thoughts on the importance of sustainability, highlighting how companies play a significant role in driving positive change.

To download the 3D and real images of the project, click on the following link.

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