Caterpillar: The Future of Manufacturing

Caterpillar: The Future of Manufacturing

Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, manufacturing equipment is getting better and more easily available. What has traditionally been difficult, finding what you need and someone to sell it to you at a good price, has been streamlined like sites such as We’ve looked through the most current equipment releases and industry trends to find out how to take advantage of the rapidly developing field to decrease wasted time and increase efficiency on any project of any size.

The Cutting-Edge Technologies Exhibited

This year, Caterpillar launched and exhibited their new Cat 995 model, which boasts some impressive guarantees around productivity and efficiency. Caterpillar, the US-based leader in manufacturing equipment, states that the model-995 is 19% more productive than the 994K. The Cat-995 is also much more fuel efficient, offering a 13% lower fuel consumption per hour and an available “Enhanced Eco Mode” that increases that fuel efficiency by another 8%.

There are also several key design differences that are vital to the higher efficiency of the Cat-995. These changes increase the efficiency of the equipment and their service life. Some of these changes include an enhanced casting design, larger bearings and pins, and a bigger weld size, all of which play a significant role in increasing the 995’s durability and work life. It also has a higher capacity bucket and fills factors reaching 115% while being protected by the “Payload Overload Prevention,” which guards against the risk of overload.

They say a customizable defense system can slow or stop the arms when the maximum payload is exceeded. These new features are powered by the Cat 3516E engine, which can be configured to meet regional requirements and are compliant with EU Stage V/US EPA Tier 4 Final or US EPA Tier 1 emission codes.

Changes In Global Markets

Technology has changed almost every market today, and wholesale markets are included in that. eCommerce is booming, with B2B eCommerce predicted to reach $2.47 trillion by 2026 in just the United States. This change in how business is done creates many exciting opportunities.

There are several major advantages to using an eCommerce model, including a larger pool of data for increased marketing quality, convenience, and a larger reach of services. The connectivity of eCommerce has created a significant shift in how manufacturing equipment is bought and sold. Sites like are a perfect example of the changing industry and the incredible opportunities available if you know how to take advantage of them.

Where online wholesalers shine is the reach and scale of their services and their trickle-down effect. By being able to consistently provide options because of their deeper inventory, they could afford to lower prices. However, it was extremely hard to manage such an inventory, especially when dealing with different regulations and import laws in a condensed international market.

With the rapid advancement in technology, it’s become much easier to manage that inventory and offer options all over the world. A good website is also essential to the wholesale industry as it is extremely appealing if you can make your website an efficient one-stop shop for buyers.


Websites such as have been a leading name in the wholesale construction equipment industry for 20 years. It is the largest international marketplace for construction equipment, and it exemplifies how eCommerce should be used and how much opportunity it creates for buyers and sellers to come together easily. Its website is easy to navigate in over 31 languages and has a huge inventory conveniently broken down into manageable sections. It is a one-stop shop for anything and everything a buyer could need, with over 2,500+ sellers featured and over 3 million visitors each month.

These types of niche market websites are the future of consumer purchasing. They offer everything a consumer could need in one convenient location and streamline the process of finding a seller. The website breaks down inventory options that would normally take days and weeks to confirm if sellers had and presents it in one place, like brand, spec, configuration, and even which country the seller is located in.

Instead of placing endless amounts of calls trying to find that information or just sticking with your normal seller because the process of finding a new one is so tedious, you can now just come to one place and get all the information to get the best deal in minutes.

What To Take Away is the future of what construction equipment wholesale looks like. It’s the go-to spot for sellers like Caterpillar to bring their cutting-edge equipment, like their model Cat-995 loaders, because they know that buyers trust and because it’s so easy to use. This makes it the best place for buyers and sellers to meet, connect, and come to an easy agreement that will get the job done.


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