Connect Direct attracts 1000 users in first month
Connect Direct attracts 1000 users in first month
  • The new online domestic LCT connection application service for installers, launched in May, attracted 1000 applications within its first month of operation
  • The platform is capable of providing instant approvals for routine applications based on AI-powered assessment 
  • For any applications that are not instantly approved and are transferred for checks to the Distribution Network Operator (DNO), these are taking on average 1.5 days to be processed; previously the service level agreement stipulated a processing time of 10 days 
  • The platform embodies ENA’s aim of minimising the time it takes to connect low-carbon technologies to the grid

The ENA Connect Direct platform has successfully processed applications from 1000 installers in its first month of operation.  

ENA Connect Direct aimed to modernise and simplify the application process, which used to be slow and reliant on manual processes. For installers of domestic low-carbon technologies such as heat pumps and solar panels, ENA Connect Direct upgrades the process with an intuitive interface and by automating many of the inputs which speeds up the application creation time. It provides a streamlined system which uses artificial intelligence to provide instant approvals for most routine applications. When transferred to the DNO, the system has an average processing time of 1.5 days, reflecting the additional time more complex applications take to review and process. The digital system has also helped eliminate the manual transposing issues that potentially slowed applications in previous years.  

ENA Connect Direct is also succeeding in providing the efficient delivery of accurate data to network operators. In turn this provides increased visibility to aid network design and operations, a major step forward in creating a smarter UK energy system. 

With the uptake of low-carbon technologies anticipated to continue at a considerable rate in the coming years, ENA Connect Direct supports installers with completing faster and safe installations.  

Dan Clarke, Head of Innovation at Energy Networks Association, said:  “I am delighted so many installers have made use of the platform already, and the feedback from users has been incredible, with one installer stating, ‘this platform is a dream come true!’ It is the sort of tangible improvement that the installers, manufacturers, the distribution network operators and ultimately the customer, will benefit from. The insights and data the system helps to centralise also supports network operators in having a live overview of LCT installations that they need to operate a smarter and more efficient network in the years ahead.”

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