Reuse of sound absorbers launched in Sweden

Reuse of sound absorbers launched in Sweden

Following a successful pilot phase initiated last year, Ecophon is now fully operating SoundCircularity Reuse in Sweden. Contributing to Ecophon’s circular offer, the reuse initiative aims to reduce the carbon footprint and resource usage of acoustic products by providing an alternative to newly produced acoustic materials.

Building on the promising outcomes of the pilot, Ecophon’s reuse service involves taking back used acoustic products from existing buildings, for instance in connection with reconstructions, renovations, or tenant customisations. Ecophon will subsequently pay for the additional time for a correct demounting. After a thorough screening program to assess the quality, the products are sold to customers again, as a positive option in new construction and renovation projects due to the lower impact on the climate than new materials.

We are proud to break new ground and lead the way towards circularity. Ecophon takes responsibility as a material supplier enabling extended product lifespans through reuse and recycling – instead of ending up in landfill. By reintroducing products into the market, we also support our clients in achieving their sustainability goals. Integrating reuse fully into our business model is a logical extension of our circularity offer,” says Pierre-Emmanuel Thiard, CEO at Ecophon.

Ecophon is one of the first construction product manufacturers in Sweden with a complete business model for taking care of reused products and reselling them to the market. Ecophon glass wool acoustic panels are engineered to last long and are noted for their durability and ease of handling, making them particularly suitable for reuse. By providing a feasible alternative with reduced environmental impact compared to buying new, Ecophon is helping to meet the growing demand for reused building materials in Sweden.

We are excited to move forward with this full-scale launch. Ecophon Reuse service is compatible with the most standard products, which are found in almost all buildings, making it easy. The positive response from the pilot confirms the market’s readiness for such solutions, and we continue our collaboration with partners and customers in Sweden to develop practical solutions for material reuse,” adds Karina Wisniewska, Service Range Manager at Ecophon.

The demand for reused and reusable materials in the building sector is both needed and rising. According to the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, the construction and property sector accounts for more than a fifth of total greenhouse gas emissions in Sweden.1 Furthermore, the construction sector is responsible for over 35% of the EU’s total waste generation.2 Reused sound absorbents can both lower the climate impact of projects and reduce landfill.

The reuse service is now fully operating in Sweden and will work alongside Ecophon’s award winning recycling service, which focuses on recycling panels that are not accepted for reuse.

Read more about Ecophon’s reuse service and other sustainability initiatives here.

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