The Products and Materials That Would Finally Make UK Builds Better

The Products and Materials That Would Finally Make UK Builds Better

Do you think UK houses are built like they used to be? Or is construction focused on speed and cost-cutting? Considering 51% of UK new-build homeowners reported having major issues, we’d say the focus is on the latter.

Are better products and materials the answer? Absolutely. Read on to learn about some of the products and materials that would finally make UK builds better.

Environmentally Friendly Construction Materials

Of course, we have to talk about sustainability – everyone is. Sustainability is becoming a major concern in the construction sector because it is one of the biggest contributors.

In the UK, 40% of carbon emissions come from construction, and we can totally understand why. Visit a major city, and you’ll be surrounded by an endless and almost overwhelming number of construction projects. All of them are pumping out emissions as you read this.

Solutions? Cross-laminated timber (CLT) and recycled steel are used more frequently because of their environmental benefits. CLT is layers of timber glued together at right angles. It has strength similar to concrete or steel but has a much lower carbon footprint.

Natural insulation materials – such as sheep wool or hempcrete – are also becoming more common.

Ground Stability Advanced Materials

The stability of the ground is essential for any long-lasting, secure construction project.

Precast concrete retaining walls have become essential components. These walls are manufactured off-site before being delivered to where they will be used, saving time during installation at the actual building site. Their production accuracy ensures uniformity with quality standards throughout, plus durability, making them perfect for supporting heavy-weight structures, including those situated on sloping ground.

Another is geosynthetic material, which reinforces soil and offers drainage solutions.

Water Management Solutions

Waterlogging and flooding are a massive issue in the UK. In the UK, the weather extends construction project timelines by around 21%. Something has to change.

Pervious concrete is an innovative material that can help solve these challenges. This type of concrete allows water to pass through it, reducing surface runoff and promoting groundwater recharge.

Rain gardens are becoming common in cities and towns. Rain gardens catch rainwater, which then passes through soil layers, where it is filtered before finally being absorbed by plants growing in them.

Even these aren’t enough to handle UK construction site water logging issues.

Innovative Insulating Solutions

Buildings need proper insulation for energy efficiency and comfort purposes.

Aerogel insulation is the most advanced type due to its excellent thermal performance, even though it is lightweight compared to other similar products available on the market. It is capable of providing better isolation than traditional materials, which ensures that indoor temperatures remain constant throughout.

Phase change materials (PCMs) have also shown great potential as energy-saving measures because they can absorb and release heat, hence regulating temperatures. PCMs could be added to construction components like plasterboards or ceiling tiles, where they will stabilise temperatures.

What do you think about how the UK construction industry constructs our buildings? Whether it’s our homes, offices, or warehouses, it seems builds aren’t the same as what they once were. Do you think better materials and resources are the answer?


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