Empowering the next generation: Osprey Charging showcases children’s startling visions of the future with AI artist
Empowering the next generation: Osprey Charging showcases children’s startling visions of the future with AI artist

Osprey Charging, the UK’s leading and fastest growing public EV rapid-charging network, recently conducted an eye-opening experiment which saw children aged 7-14 have their visions of the future brought to life by an AI artist. Asked to describe what they think the future holds for humanity, the children offered fascinating yet startling ideas on how they envisage the future, and were astounded as these were projected back to them via AI.  

The children’s initial hopes centred around the advanced use of technology and a sense of community, but their expectations presented a different image of the future. This comprised images of a heavily polluted sky, artificial greenery and visions of the sick struggling to walk, all as a result of the unchallenged use of fossil fuels and carbon emissions. As these visceral images were projected on to a screen behind them, the children were shocked at the visualisation of the harsh landscapes that they had described.

Conversely, as they explained their dream futures, the AI image generator simultaneously projected these wonderfully vivid and hopeful visions of future societies, demonstrating a more optimistic outlook of what could be possible, with images of vibrant nature, clean air and innovative transportation.

In response to these images, the children involved outlined how they believe positive action to reduce carbon emissions, utilising green energy and driving electric vehicles can help us protect and improve the world around us. Many of the participants highlighted the need for action to be taken now, to avoid a cycle of missed opportunities to preserve our environment.

Ian Johnston, CEO of Osprey Charging, commented:

“It has been incredibly eye-opening and insightful to hear the thoughts, hopes and fears of our next generation on what they believe lies in store for our society and environment, and the stark visualisation using AI generated images cements the need for action to be taken to support the move to net zero. Here at Osprey Charging, we’re continuing to be at the forefront of this transition, installing increasing numbers of public EV chargers across the UK, with over 1,000 rapid chargers now available on the Osprey network, in a range of accessible rural and urban locations.

“This experiment and the engaging input from each child that participated highlighted the necessity for both businesses and individuals to continuously strive for greater green and sustainable practices, something which we pride ourselves on. Through installing charging infrastructure, powered by renewable energy, from Land’s End to John O’Groats and across Great Britain, we are providing the critical infrastructure that is supporting the UK’s transition to electric vehicles” Osprey’s network of chargers has an outstanding reliability rate of 99%, and in the last twelve months Osprey was awarded Charging Network of the Year at the Electric Vehicle Innovation and Excellent awards and Best EV Charging Network at the Transport and Energy Awards. Furthermore Osprey’s easy charging experience saw the network recognised as a ‘Driver Recommended Network’ by Zap-Map for the fourth year running.

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