Saint-Gobain Glass launches Game-Changing Shatterproof Mirror – Miralite® Easys

Saint-Gobain Glass launches Game-Changing Shatterproof Mirror - Miralite® Easys

A shatterproof safety mirror with top sustainability credentials has been launched by Saint-Gobain Glass.

MIRALITE® EASYSAFE delivers enhanced safety performance in comparison to standard mirrors and is ideal for use in high-traffic areas such as public buildings, sports facilities, shopping centres, bars, restaurants and hotels,

When a standard mirror breaks, shards of glass can be dangerous for everyone, including building occupants, homeowners and for the professionals who handle and install it. However, MIRALITE® EASYSAFE comprises an anti-shatter resin that retains 98% of splinters in the event of breakage. This patented innovation also provides a consistent, high-quality finish.

To support Saint-Gobain’s commitment to the environment, MIRALITE® EASYSAFE is manufactured without plastic film and generates less waste, allowing a more sustainable material choice for interior designers, specifiers and building occupants. When retrofitting, it can be dismantled and fully recycled like any standard mirror.

Made with water-based and lead-free raw materials, MIRALITE® EASYSAFE also contributes to improving indoor air quality thanks to ultra-low VOC emissions and meets A+ classifications by EN ISO 16000 VOC emissions testing (Eurofins test, France).

Commenting on the launch, Jenni Young, Sector Market Manager at  Saint-Gobain Glass says: “Mirrors are magical in their ability to transform a room. They allow designers to bring in light, space and drama. Not only does a mirror add brightness and make spaces appear bigger, but it can also smooth over awkward room shapes. In a social space such as a dining room, bar or nightclub, mirrors add ambience by making it appear busier and thus more vibrant.”

She adds, “However, we all know safety is a central issue for everyone using mirrors. With MIRALITE® EASYSAFE, designers can bring their schemes to life, confident that the mirrors they use will be safe, and easy to install and maintain.”

MIRALITE® EASYSAFE is also ideal for incorporating into furniture, such as wardrobes, sliding doors, table-tops and shelf backing. It provides a safe, simple and sustainable mirror option.

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