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BDC 317 : Jun 2024

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The Most Common Problems Appearing When Installing Window-Mounted AC Units

A window-mounted AC unit is a highly cost-effective option, an alternative for central air as this would be cost-prohibitive or you rent a property. Immediate hot day relief is possible if you do not have central air installation or you cannot afford it. Do be sure that the window will be properly installed, especially when it is not at the ground floor. Fortunately, installing these units is not at all something that is difficult. Even so, AccuServ specialists say that some common mistakes do appear. They are highlighted below so that you do not also make them. Sizing Mistakes The one mistake that is the most common of them all is choosing an AC unit of an inappropriate size. In order for effective and efficient operation the unit should have a suitable cooling capacity, around 20 British thermal units for every single room square foot. If there is direct sunlight or the room has very high ceilings, the capacity should be higher. However, this does not actually mean that bigger will be better. Oversized window AC units will not cool the air in a more efficient way than the smaller AC unit. Smaller units that run for longer can be more efficient than the really large units that often turn themselves on or off. Always be sure that the size is the appropriate one for space size. Distribution Of Weight As the AC unit is installed, most people just open the considered window, add the AC unit and then close the window. That is going to force the window and will create too much weight. Windows can potentially be damaged. When you have vinyl windows this mistake is particularly dangerous. Vinyl can so easily get warped or break. As you install the AC unit use wood strips and attach them to the home’s exterior, right under windows. That can help a lot in distributing and supporting the extra weight. When you use a unit that is really heavy, L-brackets are going to be necessary so that you create a shelf for the unit. Porous material is recommended so that water draining is not blocked. Leveling the Unit AC units will remove water from air, similarly to the dehumidifier. Condensation is thus collected and then drains out from a back hole. People tend to install the units at angles so that drainage is facilitated. That would be incorrect. The truth is the air conditioners will include gutters and different channels that would direct water exactly where it has to go as the unit is level. When the unit is not properly leveled, water would be directed from the appropriate channels, thus causing draining problems. Insulation Problems Similarly to all AC units, the window option is going to work really hard if put to cover a room that is poorly insulated. Also, the window will remain open so this makes it even harder to cool the room when the insulation is not great. You want to be sure that insulation is great and you can use accordion style panels exactly for this purpose.

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