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BDC 318 : Jul 2024


GRAPHISOFTⓇ Announced That GRAPHISOFTⓇ Has Started the ARCHICADⓇ 21 Rollout Operation

GRAPHISOFTⓇ is known for being a globally leading business in the provision of Building Information Modeling solutions. Building Information Modeling, or BIM, solutions are provided by the business to their architect clients around the world. It has been announced recently that GRAPHISOFTⓇ has started the ARCHICADⓇ 21 rollout operation. This process will see ARCHICADⓇ 21 made available on a global scale. The newest version of ARCHICAD includes a Stair Tool, which is a feature that has been long awaited by users of the previous versions. This new Stair Tool has been developed from GRAPHISOFT’s new Predictive Design™. This new design process in patent-pending and has allowed the business to create a tool that can offer the user a wide range of important improvements for the functioning of the equipment. GRAPHISOFTⓇ first started the BIM movement in 1984 when they produced the first ARCHICADⓇ. This was the first BIM software that had been created for architects. Since this date GRAPHISOFT has consistently led the way with a range of different innovative BIM solutions. One of these is the BIMcloudⓇ which was created to be the first real time BIM collaboration space in the world. GRAPHISOFTⓇ intend on making BIM common practice for the design and construction of buildings. The new version of ARCHICADⓇ 21 comes with a new Stair Tool which means that architects that use the software will be able to use the program in order to design stairs and railings. This is thought to be the most complicated tasks undertaken in architecture. The software’s new tool allows users to choose or design the best stair designs for the building. The new Stair Tool also has a Railing Tool which can add railing systems to designs as well as allowing the creation of designs that can be connected to stair designs, slabs, walls roofs or meshes.

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