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BDC 319 : Aug 2024

association of plumbing & heating contractors

Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors: Recognition of Apprenticeships on the Rise

As of a survey by the Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors, it has been urged for those leaving school to be encouraged to look into the possibility of undertaking apprenticeships as opposed to the more traditionally considered route onto the career ladder. And while higher education is still considered to be the primary mode of progress for individuals, questions can be raised as the benefits in contrast to apprenticeships which can often provide more specific (to the relevant role) training and an easier time breaking into the sector for certain career paths. In the survey, the Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors surveyed some 1,830 homeowners within both Wales and England, to gauge their opinion on apprenticeships. Of the results, it was highlighted that a surprisingly high 86% of individuals actually stated that they believe that those leaving school should face more encouragement on the apprenticeship front, as opposed to the more traditional path through to Higher Education – in fact, a mere 2% of those surveyed actually stated to disagree with this notion. Additionally, 81% of people nodded to the benefits of pursuing an apprenticeship, with respect to the provision of earnings and key, targeted learning for their career of choice. 78% then supported this notion, believing that apprenticeships provide a good way into a career of choice as well as 77% of those surveyed also stressing how important professional training is. Of course, the results come as no surprise, with an increasing number of university graduates struggling to break into their career of choice due to a lack of experience and a degree of insecurity as to the assurances of finding a job quickly after graduation. Combined with a shortage of skilled tradesmen, and the aforementioned lead into a career through apprenticeships, it is for these reasons that we can see apprenticeships starting to come to the fore more prominently as a direct means into a number of enviable careers.

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