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BDC 319 : Aug 2024


Douglas Wheeler Associates and the Architects Austin-Smith:Lord Have Been Appointed to Penicuik

The consultants Douglas Wheeler Associates and the architects Austin-Smith:Lord have been appointed to carry out heritage regeneration work in Penicuik. The two companies have been awarded the contract to carry out the regeneration work by Midlothian Council. The work proposed is significant, with the Council appointing Douglas Wheeler Associates and Austin-Smith:Lord to carry out heritage regeneration work to the entire town. The massive scheme of works has been made possible as the Heritage Lottery Fund has awarded a grant that will see the town centre given a new lease of life. The project will include the creation of a range of repair proposals that will restore a number of the old buildings in the town, work to improve the streets and possibly further work that will develop new community activities in the town centre. The consultation part of this project will look into the different ways that a community-led vision can be carried out while working to restore the central historic aspects of the town. Technical information that will be needed before the construction work begins will also be gathered and submitted as a part of a second funding application to the heritage Lottery Fund that will be required to carry out all of the desired work. If this second round of funding get approval it is thought that the project will be awarded upward of £1.69 million that would be delivered over the course of five years to allow the council to carry out the work. The funding would begin from April 2018. It is also believed that this funding would also unlock £725,000 of funding from Historic Environment Scotland. Austin-Smith:Lord architects has been working to deliver the highest quality of creative and practical architecture since 1949. The architects has studios dotted around the UK including in Glasgow, Cardiff, Bristol, Liverpool and London. The company has successfully completed over 5,000 projects since opening in 1949 and over the years has managed to be recognised for their work by receiving more than 150 awards and commendations over these years.

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