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BDC 319 : Aug 2024


BGES forms exclusive partnership with Magnatech™ to deliver unique boiler efficiency technology

Leading BMS and energy solutions company BG Energy Solutions (BGES) has announced a partnership with the creators of the Magnatech™ System: a proven “fit and forget” technology which delivers boiler efficiency savings of up to 21%. BGES has the exclusive rights to install and distribute Magnatech™ within the UK as a turnkey project or as a licenced product for self-installation. The unique technology optimises boiler fuel and helps reduce boiler fuel consumption, achieving instant energy and cost savings. Increased boiler efficiency Designed and licenced by Magnatech Ltd, The Magnatech™ System was borne out of a decade of extensive research and testing. Magnatech™ is based on the discovery that rare earth mineral, high-powered magnets placed in a particular sequence on fuel feed pipes cause the fuel to burn at a higher temperature, thereby optimising the fuel and increasing boiler efficiency. The boiler reaches target temperature sooner which means that less fuel is burnt reaching the target temperature, and the burner’s “burning time” is reduced. The resulting benefits include a reduction in carbon footprint and reduced operating costs – with no loss of performance. The results of Magnatech™ have been externally verified under the Tritech ETV scheme – an EU-funded pilot verification scheme for environmental technologies. Zero down time The Magnatech™ System works on virtually all oil, gas and LPG fired boilers and burners and is fitted with no down time or interruption to service, during surveys or installation. The system pays for itself within a very short period of time (usually well within two years), making it the fastest return on investment (ROI) system of its type in the market today. The average saving is 12%, although savings of up to 21% have been achieved. Magnatech™ is also a “fit and forget” technology, and lasts for the lifetime of the boiler; there is no maintenance required once the installation is complete. Also, if the boiler is replaced in time, the Magnatech™ system can be easily removed and replaced. Guaranteed savings BGES is so confident that the Magnatech™ System will deliver savings, it is offering a guaranteed saving on the technology based on degree day/ROI. Gareth Barber, Managing Director of BGES comments: “The Magnatech™ System is a highly impressive technology, but it’s also an incredibly simple way for organisations to improve boiler efficiency and achieve instant savings. “With proven results, no down time and no loss of performance, it’s a no brainer for organisations looking to reduce costs and meet carbon reduction targets. We also believe that larger organisations could offer this technology to their employees, and claim the carbon savings for their corporate net zero and sustainability policies. We’re delighted to partner with Magnatech™ and are ready to advise UK firms on how the system could benefit them.”

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