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BDC 317 : Jun 2024

David Morgan

Miller Homes Carrying Out Research Into the Different Things That Buyers Look For in Houses

Miller Homes the leading House builder company has been carrying out research into the different things that buyers look for when house hunting. It has been discovered by the leading house builder that living close to shops and amenities was top of the list for priorities when moving houses. The Land Director for Miller Homes, David Morgan MRICS MRTPI, has also been exploring how the list of priorities changes depending on which requin of the UK is looked at. On a Nationwide scale, the top ten priorities for house building are, Good amenities, Off-road Parking, Clear and attractive surroundings, Low crime rate, Access to transport links, Proximity to work, Good Schools, Close to Family and Friends, Average house prices and a Rural aspect. With traditional priorities, like access to good schools, transport and close to family and friends all important factors when buying houses, which factor tops the list can differ from region to region in the UK. In Scotland, good amenities topped the list of priorities for house hunters, with 62% saying they are a priority. It is found that in London and more urban areas, access to transport and off road parking are at the top of the list. Yorkshire, The North West, West Midlands, and the South East all rated off road parking as the most important factor of buying a house. London was the only region who put good transport links as the main priority for potential house buyers. More rural and perhaps areas with that bit more space between houses consider access to amenities the most important factor, these areas include Scotland, the East Midlands and the South West where 92% of those asked said that amenities were important. Wales and the North East rated how clean and attractive the property/area was as the most important factor, with 67% of those asked from the North East considering this a priority when moving house.

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