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BDC 317 : Jun 2024

FREE electricity

#JointheEcolution Turning every home, office and business into a virtual power station

Plans to turn every home, office and business into virtual power stations were announced today by Ecolution Group Britain’s fastest-growing supplier of renewable, energy solutions. The launch, supported by an invitation to everyone in the UK and Ireland to #JointheEcolution, will be part of a massive green energy initiative that will link together photovoltaic panels, smart energy storage units and EV (electric vehicle) charging points. In short – it will give every home, office and business the opportunity to store, share and sell green energy, totally transforming the way we generate electricity and the way we use it in our houses, in our companies and on the road. Ecolution, supplier and installer of photovoltaic panels and EV charging points, has partnered with HYCUBE, the German manufacturer of smart energy storage units, to produce virtual power station solutions that can be adapted to fit the needs of every type of building – regardless of size. “What we are talking about is nothing short of an energy revolution,” said Andrew Knapp, Ecolution Chief Executive. “We call it #JointheEcolution because it is literally that – a revolution in green energy that makes it possible and affordable for the very first time to combine electricity generation with smart storage and distribution.” “We are literally putting the power into the hands of everyone as a first major step towards energy independence. It starts here and it starts today.” The Ecolution/HyCube system gives the building owner total flexibility. The Sun supplies the green energy which charges up the storage unit with FREE electricity. This ingenious technology is encased within a smart, modular design, enabling this game-changing energy provider to become part of the furniture. When the unit is fully charged any additional power can be sold on to the national grid or shared with other Ecolution/HyCube users Thousands of similar systems have already been successfully installed across Europe and Ecolution believe that British householders and businesses will also wish to #JointheEcolution with prices for a full system in an average house from £8,000. Ecolution, with existing offices in Kent and Norfolk, is investing heavily in the business with plans to open a network of sites nationwide over the next two years. Ecolution and Hycube are re-energising the way we use power; leading the charge for a greener, cleaner tomorrow. They are ready to put the power in your hands – are you?  #JointheEcolution Visit:

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