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BDC 318 : Jul 2024

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Glass and Glazing Federation Announced That They Have Formed a New Government Advisory Panel

The Glass and Glazing Federation has announced that they have formed a new Government Advisory Panel. This new  Advisory Panel has been formed after the horrific event this year regarding the Grenfell Fire as well as the attacks in Manchester and London. The new panel that has been created will form a part of the Federation’s Political Strategy Committee going forward. It is thought that the creation of this new panel will allow the Glass and Glazing Federation to coordinate their internal resources as well as their members in order to have a quick but considered reaction to any emergency situation in the future. The panel has been designed to be especially useful when the Government, whether that is locally or nationally, need expert advice on the sectors, products and services that are on offer by the members of the Federation. Phil Pluck the Chief Executive of the GGF has emphasised the importance of the GGF being ready to offer the Government solutions as well as support when incidents take place that involve glass or glazing. The specialised panel will help the GGF organise their members more efficiently. Whereas the Advisory Panel will also work to provide the Federation with a group of advisors that can transition easily between the Government and the Federation. The new Government Advisory Panel will consist of the nominated experts from within the GGF’s specialised members in order to make sure that the best advisors are included with the work on the panel. The Panel will act like a collective voice for the industry for when any emergency situation occurs, with the collection of experts called on to give their opinion and advice as needed. The Trade Association will be promoting their creation of the new Government Advisory Panel to all of the Government departments as well as local councils around the country and the media, in order to show that the horrendous events of the past year has spurred action.

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