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BDC 318 : Jul 2024

green heating heroes


Today, the UK’s leading boiler manufacturer has relaunched its Green Heating Heroes, to help installers educate consumers on how they can reduce carbon emissions and energy bills Worcester Bosch has today announced the launch of the second phase of its Green Heating Heroes campaign. First launched in November 2021, the campaign aims to encourage homeowners across the UK to live a greener and more sustainable lifestyle, while giving installers the tools they need to help communicate this message to their customers. With talk around the impending energy price hike increasing further, Worcester Bosch hope that installers will use the campaign’s tools and resources to confidently speak to their customers on the benefits of upgrading heating systems to efficient ones. For example, according to the Energy Savings Trust, up to £365 can be saved on energy bills per year if a G-rated boiler is switched to an A-rated one. The digital campaign will go live from 1st February until March 1st 2022 and will feature across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and via Google Display. Martyn Bridges, Technical Communications and Product Manager at Worcester Bosch, comments: “Our industry is going through a monumental change, which is already beginning to show with talk around the energy crisis. In addition, we are awaiting the Boiler Upgrade Scheme which will be introduced on 1st April, where homeowners can apply for a £5,000 upgrade to replace a boiler with an air source heat pump. “With 3 million inefficient boilers currently installed in UK homes, and with various future-proofed technologies available to replace them, we believe there is a huge opportunity to educate homeowners on the benefits of upgrading their heating system. This is why we have launched the second phase of the Green Heating Heroes campaign – to help spread this message far and wide and inspire people to make a change.” To find out more about the Green Heating Heroes campaign, please visit

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